“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 9 Video Preview + Episode 8 Select Clips

Okay, I haven’t watched episode 8 yet (nor 7 for that matter), but I am totally keeping up, thanks to the live recappers over on the drama’s Soompi thread! While, naturally, there were several poignant parts in today’s episode, as usual, the show gave us a good balance of funny parts, with the best one being the cliffhanger! In all, this is a daebak episode, especially for fans of our OTP!

If Shi Jin had any doubts about his chances with Mo Yeon, then, well, those have been completely extinguished all due to our heroine’s carelessness. LOL. I cannot wait for next week because … we might finally get that poster kiss!


Episode 9 Video Preview


Episode 8 Select Clips


And the cliffhanger! Eeep! Mo Yeon’s accidental confession heard all over! Bwahahaha!



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