Welcome To “Dramaworld”: Viki’s New Original Series Releases First Trailer

Via press release:

“Dramaworld” follows Claire Duncan (played by Australian newcomer Liv Hewson), a cute if slightly nerdy 20-year-old college student who’s obsessed with Korean dramas and remains glued to the screen at every opportunity, following her favorite leading man, Joon Park (played by Sean Richard Dulake of Korean dramas “Feast of the Gods” and “Athena: Goddess of War”). 

Through a twist of fate and a touch of magic, Claire’s world is turned upside down as she finds herself sucked into her favorite show through her smartphone, transporting her into “Dramaworld.” Claire will soon find out, with a little help from her new friend Seth Ko (played by Justin Chon of “The Twilight Saga” and “21 & Over”), that even she has a role to play in this world.

Original series seem to be where it’s at. Other than the fact that even the most obscure cable channels are now producing their own scripted fare, you’ve got the multitude of streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo etc etc getting in on the action. Plus other less prominent companies creating their own webseries. I sometimes wonder if these series make money or simply provide legitimacy. Regardless, it’s a great time to be a television watcher although I do find the multitude of choices overwhelming these days, particularly for viewers like us who watch shows that span the globe.

I didn’t bother with Viki’s attempt at a US version of Boys Over Flowers called Boys Before Friends but Dramaworld seems kind of fun. It’s very clearly targeting the niche group we belong to although there’s a real fear it might get a bit too meta. Nonetheless, it made me smile and I’m interested in both the cliche “drama within the drama” and our protagonist’s story. Could it go very wrong? Hell yeah but I’ll most likely give it at shot.

Dramaworld is a 10-episode comedy-drama set in Los Angeles and Korea that will premiere on April 17th on Viki.


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