“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 10 Video Preview + Episode 9 Select Clips & Translations

This post contains major spoilers; after all, I am embedding some clips from episode 9. You’ve been warned.

I was resolved not to live stream this show (because I wouldn’t be able to get any of my work done), but if you’ve been following our Facebook page today, then, you know that I surrendered to temptation. However, I chose the right episode to live stream, so, no feelings of guilt here. Heh.

Today’s episode is really mainly just fluff—heavenly fluff! Episode 9 is for both the OTPs and their fans … She still may have tried to run after the embarrassing broadcast of her near-death confession, but Mo Yeon has eventually laid out her true feelings to Shi Jin. There’s really no hiding them anymore, yeah?

By my count, there were four kisses between Mo Yeon and Shi Jin today, but apparently, there was a quick one in the car, too. Heh. Meanwhile, Dae Young has finally quit being cowed by Myeong Joo’s dad, and it seems they can finally continue being a couple, but there’s a condition …

I really would have liked to have seen our second OTP kiss, too, especially in light of Jin Goo’s revelation that he and Kim Ji Won filmed a lot of kissing scenes. Perhaps we’ll see theirs soon, too?! Please!

If episode 9 is on a lighter and romantic side, then, episode 10—based on the preview—gets back to the intense drama and action both in and out of the operating room.


Episode 10 Video Preview


Episode 9 Select Clips (Tanslations c/o kimyoungah)

038 MY: It was embarrassing.

045 MY: OMG! How can you be here? Why are you here?

050 SJ: This is the only thing I can do.

105 MY: Why do you touch another’s thing without permission?

107 SJ: I didn’t touch anything. I just listened.

108 MY: If so, just cover your ears. Why listen like that?

112 SJ: You are exceptionally cute, but why are you running away? You want to confess to me before dying don’t you?

120 SJ: Or you’re living now, so, your heart has changed?

121 MY: Confess? That’s not a confession.

123 SJ: I heard your voice minutes ago.

124 MY: That’s not my voice.

125 SJ: But this is your phone.

126 MY: That’s not a phone … Aish, just stay still and stop talking.

132 SJ: It is my honor (to hear that).

134 MY: You know, so, its okay.

136 SJ: It’s not okay for me.

137 MY: Oh! Look over there!

138 SJ: Take a sip of wine, then go. I must hear the answer, whether it’s a confession or not. Let’s not go.

155 MY: Okay. I will give you an answer, so, let go off my hand first … Really.

200 SJ: Really?

002 SJ: What about us? Will we be separated … soon? 

013 SJ: The medical team that will go back to Korea, does it include you, too?

017 MY: No.

021 SJ: No? 

022 MY: Yes. I wont go anywhere.

025 SJ: Why? Its not that it was because of me … 

026 MY: But It is because of you, though. I said I won’t leave because of you. I want to stay with Captain Yoo a little longer.

040 MY: It seems like I have just confessed to you … Should I apologize?

045 SJ: You know how I accept an apology …

046: They kiss …


Sources  |  DramaKBS  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o kimyoungah & inshara2000



  • erika says:

    gosh I love tonight episode. I also Gave up Sleep just to wait for the video to up for download and then watch it for like third time until now. so cute. SJ and MY so cute. no wonder SJ smiling like a dork every time because MY is so cute for words. well I would be if I were her after all that. I guess no more kiss for now after seeing the preview. sigh. you can not waster such cast doing only staring. at least show what happen that they get all that things stick at their back after arrived at the base. must be heavy duty. hehe

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Love love love Ep9 🙂 laughed a lot at the beginning of the episode because of MY. And later enjoy all the kisses. Also like DY and MJ’s scenes.

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