“Descendants of the Sun”: Song Joong Ki Gets Intimately Close to Song Hye Kyo


As if I wasn’t excited enough for this week’s episodes, KBS wickedly ups the anticipation by releasing this new still of our leads locked in an unavoidable embrace. Heh.

As seen in the preview for episode 9, Shi Jin once again catches Mo Yeon when she loses her balance, and instantaneously, their eyes fix on each other. Eeep! My scapping fingers will be burning up my keyboard during this scene, which takes place after Mo Yeon’s accidental confession to Shi Jin … Hurrah! And equipped with the knowledge of her feelings, Shi Jin will be killing us with more of those flirty looks, irresistible smirks, and sly moves! Yep. Drizzle me with your addictive cheesy lines!!!




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  • erika says:

    he did deliver lots more cheesy lines. I don’t know how MY can stand still hearing that. haha. ah last picture must be from BTS because I don’t catch it in the episode.

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