Too Cute Song Joong Ki Jams For Kolon Sport’s #LOVEYOURFOOT Campaign


Just thinking about Song Joong Ki makes my day, and that has been every day as my obsession with Descendants of the Sun persists.

Cutie, who will be promoting the drama in Hong Kong soon, has also been doing his job as a spokesmodel for Kolon Sports. He does his best aegyo for “selfies” for the sports brand’s ‘Love Your Foot’ campaign, which advertises the SOX outdoor walking shoes.

Kolon Sport also came out with a countdown teaser of Joong Ki surrounded with SOX sneakers and jamming to music. On April 1st, we might be seeing a dancing Joong Ki 🙂 If the guy can also sing, then that would make him a triple-threat performer! 😉




Source  |  Kolon Sport FB



  • Sarah says:

    He can sing. Check out the Nice Guy OST. 🙂

    • goodange says:

      Okay, yeah. It’s official. He’s going to be my hubby. LOL.

      Thanks for the tip!

      Okay, I listened, and to my somewhat trained ears, he’s average. LOL. It helped that he sang in the studio, but if he actually decides to pursue singing seriously, he’s got very good potential with lessons. But average singer or not, I’ll still take him as my hubby. LOL. That is, if one of his many fangirls doesn’t get to him first. LOL.

    • goodange says:

      Cool! I don’t like rap, but he was awesome. He looked like an idol 😉 And he could have been if he wanted to, but I’m glad he’s an actor. He is definitely multi-talented and seems fearless about trying new/different things.

      • Aoi says:

        You are so right about his being open to try new things !

        It shows in the choice of roles he made early in his career.. A Gu Yongha who is bisexual or a Kang Maru who has been abused.

        Very few other actors – only Kang Haneul and Ji Changwook playing homosexuals in that musical of theirs- have experimented when they were nugus

        Descendants is a pretty conventional role in that aspect , but since he was his army comeback and it’s all worked well for him

  • kpp says:

    You have to listen top his ost from Nice Guy.

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