“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 12 Video & Written Previews + Episode 11 Select Clips

Onew’s Chi Hoon steps up today, redeeming himself as he endangers his life to help the critically sick manager. A few other scenes worth noting from episode 11: Dr. Song and Nurse Ha’s “turning point” hug and Myeong Joo’s emotional talk with her dad. But really, today is all about the suspense and the tough choices that our leads—especially Shi Jin—have to make.

Meanwhile, there are a few moments of it in episode 11, and even in those few instances, they are still so good, but yes, the romance has taken a bit of a back seat today … Has it, though? Because Captain Yoo Shi Jin going rogue—that he openly disobeys even the Blue House—to save Kang Mo Yeon is pretty darn romantic!


Episode 12 Video Preview

Episode 12 Written Preview, c/o yaqiyuki

Deep into the night, Si Jin sneaks into Argus’s hideout.

At the hideout that was exploding with loud gunshooting sounds!

Dae Young has a bad hunch about Si Jin’s solo operation…

Finally when Mo Yeon and Si Jin met, they are faced with an unexpected situation.

Episode 11 Select Clips



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  • carmen says:

    Thanks for the quick post, I haven’t seen episode but can’t wait until this evening.

  • kps says:

    im a little sad that shi jin went rogue. i understand he’ll do anything to save MY but he gave up all of his values and and principles pretty completely. i was hoping he’d figured out a way to save her while still being a good soldier, like the awesome negotiator that he is. oh well he’s ‘crazy in love’ is i guess what we’re suppose to believe.

    • goodange says:

      I don’t think he gave up his values and principles by going rogue. He’s still protecting a beautiful woman and children, except he’s doing it as a regular guy who cares rather than as a concerned yet tough soldier, who often times has to obey orders blindly. While being a soldier is a huge part of his life, he’s also encountering the limitations of his uniform … but he also has a responsibility to himself and his core principles. He’s not a simple automaton.

      Besides, it seems General Yoon gave Shi Jin permission to step out of his role as soldier for at least 3 hours and do as he pleases.

  • kesh says:

    dont know if it’s just me, but this episode felt rushed. everything was happening at a fast pace. Almost all endings had great cliffhangers, but this one fell short. Anyway, there’s still ep 12 to look forward to. I think it was inevitable to go rogue, given the stance from earlier on that the korean army is there basically for peacekeeping. That part I understand. I wonder, though, why the commander let him off –perhaps he knew him well enough and trusted YSJ to get the job done. And being the soldier that they are, they know to their core when duty really calls.

  • erika says:

    The commander gave him permission but as civilian so he will not get trouble in the army by not using army uniform while saving his girl.just hope he wont die like rumor from china

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