“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 13 Video & Written Previews + Episode 12 Select Clips

There were so many speculations about possible new events leading up to episode 12, but I don’t bother piping in because after 11 episodes, I realize that while the writers still adhere to some K-drama staples, this show hasn’t been predictable at all.

For others, today’s developments might have felt rushed again, but honestly, I like that the pace is fast. There’s no need for meandering sub-plots, and I quite enjoy when issues between our leads are quickly resolved, but at the same time, they they don’t just examine their thoughts in a passing manner. The drama shows the characters weighing their thoughts before choosing to act on them.

With the exception of some cringe-worthy scenes in English, episode 12 for me was daebak … (Edit: Let me clarify that I’m not bothered by the accents of the actors. I’m talking about the awful acting of the actual English speakers, and the inelegant and well-worn English dialogue.) Actually, if there are a couple of major complaints about today’s episode, it would be that we didn’t get close-up kisses! Yeesh!

Next week, we leave Urk behind, as both the medical team and the soldiers return to Seoul! There’ll be fun, drunken times as well as action once again! 🙂


Episode 13 Video Preview


Episode 13 Written Preview, c/o parisonheaven

The medical team return to their everyday life. They recall their memories abroad in another country and feel empty. After Mo Yeon returns, she throws a resignation letter in front of the president! Si Jin, Dae Young and Myung Joo who remain behind in Urk receive orders to be transferred away from the headquarters.


Episode 12 Select Clips

Mo Yeon to Shi Jin (Translated by kimyoungah)

Before Captain Yoo came, I have been treating patients, even though I had to lower my head sometime, there is nothing to be shameful for. In the future, I will regularly confess like this. I mean I decided to try taking responsibility with you, and please try bearing with my nagging, too. [But instead,] please promise me one thing only: Please give me the right to worry. Even though I cant worry for every time that you are not by my side, when you have to go to do something that will really make me worry, please tell me first. And when you coming to me, don just haha hoho like that. (She means he doesn’t have to comfort her every time.)



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  • Teleri says:

    I just ADORE Song Joong Ki speaking English! OMG that cute accent he has, lord :d

    • Ivoire says:

      I love him speaking in English as well. None of the English speaking scenes are cringe worthy to me. Different people have different accents when they speak a language, whether it is their native or first language, or not.

      French was the first language I learned (I was born in Paris, and lived there for the first three years of my life). Over time though, having traveled extensively to many parts of France, Belgium, and a few francophone African countries, I came to realize that people could speak properly (say the right words with good grammar), and do it with different accents. French people in France do not speak with the same accent. Parisians do not sound like people in the South of France. And people in Quebec (Canada), sound very different as well. They would tell you though that they speak French… which they do, with quite a different accent, and they use different words at times.

      The same could be said about the US, where the southern drawl is very different from the midwest accent for example. I lived two and half years in Georgia, and twelve years in Minnesota, the accents are very different. I currently live in California, and I have traveled to other US states. Yep, people do sound different, even within the same state.

      I remember when I came for my higher education in the US many years ago, how hard I tried to get rid of my accent. I didn’t sound bad at all, I had spent some time studying in England when I was a teenager. I just didn’t sound American. Thing was though that people kept noticing it, no matter how hard I tried. And I always got compliments on my accent, some thought it was a little singing like. I finally decided to stop trying: I was a foreigner, and I should stop trying to get rid of my accent. Now people are always surprised when I tell them that English was not the first language I learned.

      An American would sound very different from someone in my home country, which has English has one of its two official languages. We would not cringe though, if we heard them speak, in English or in French (most people in my country are fluent in both).

      Maybe because I’m an immigrant, and I have had to learn to speak and understand other languages because of the places I have had to live, I appreciate it when other people try to speak another language, and when natives are understanding about my attempts to speak and understand their language. I have a question: I have friends who are from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and for some of them, their accents could be considered “strong,” because they can be that different. Would their accent or English be cringe worthy? Because these countries are English speaking, Nigeria and Ghana were colonized by England. Would we say the same about someone from Australia or New Zealand? If we wouldn’t, why not?

      I will try and end by saying that I’m honestly not trying to preach. If one has ever read my comments here (or on other sites), one would know that (I hope). I find the “cringe worthy English (or any other language really)” comment interesting, because our ear might have been trained and used to a particular way of speaking. I have read that comment a lot in regard to this drama. I keep thinking that there is more to it than that, so much more.

      I know this is a site about Asian dramas, and my interest in Asian dramas have made me think and ponder about languages, culture, food, etc… I hope it was ok that I shared these kinds of thoughts here, I just wanted to give another perspective. Thank you.

      • goodange says:

        I appreciate your response. Very enlightening, but I’ll just make this brief because obviously, I’ve been misunderstood or I simply didn’t convey my thoughts above clearly (after all, I was late for work as I jotted down my thoughts). It is not at all the way the actors speak English with which I have a problem. That’s why I said scenes in English, and did not specifically say anything about their accents or how they speak. I have an issue with the hackneyed lines and the dialogue, which has an awkward flow. There’s also the acting, specifically the acting of the Canadian guy playing an American CIA … That scene when he and Song Joong Ki talked while receiving Argus’ coffin felt so awkward—it seemed like a parody.

        Anyway, thank you for your response and preach away, but I hope you’ll believe me when I say that I’m probably one of the least close-minded persons you’ll ever meet when it comes to cultural awareness. But you also don’t know me, so, yeah, to an extent I feel judged based on your comment. LOL. I know you don’t intend to do that, but I also have to be honest about my feelings when I read your comment, even if the fault lies in my mishandled word choice. Let me be clear, though, that you are certainly not to blame for how I feel; I am responsible for how I interpret your comment. But in my defense, let me also share a little bit about myself: I belong to a family of immigrants, too, and I also speak 2.5 languages. My French and Spanish do suck, and with the exception of my name sign, I’ve pretty much forgotten all I learned from a semester of sign language. When I was attending college, I worked as a student assistant in the Linguistics and Language Department for almost two years, so, I had the pleasure to meet several professors who were from other parts of the world and their English is more impeccable than mine or even any born-and-bred American citizen’s. Also, my circle of friends—some of whom have accents—resembles a United Benetton ad, except, we’re less stylish and we’re regular looking folks. I’d add more to do damage control, but oh well. All I can really say is that I’m sorry … I guess I could have been clearer with my post, but this is definitely a blogging lesson for me.

    • goodange says:

      It’s actually the acting of the actual native English speakers and the dialogue that are making me cringe. I do think Joong Ki and Hye Kyo are doing a terrific job saying their English lines (and tuning their expressions to them), even though the lines are unoriginal.

      • Ivoire says:

        Hi again, I appreciate your response as well, and I’m actually glad I posted my response, as apprehensive as I was about how it might be received. I have more to say, and I will have to be back later. Thank you for explaining yourself, that helped. And you were funny as well. I have something I will share about the hackneyed way the English seems to be written. A friend and I have a theory about that. I’m glad we can have this conversation 🙂

      • Ivoire says:

        Hello Goodange,

        I came upon this video, and I felt that this lady expressed well some of what I tried to convey in my earlier long post. I thought I would share this with you, with the hope that you would appreciate both the message, and how it is delivered. It is not always easy to hear what she is saying, because of the laughs, and claps. I do believe that it is worth listening to though. I hope you will enjoy it. Please let me know what you thought. Thank you!

  • Ari3ll3 says:

    Ive heard that SJK is doing well academically when he was studying. I wont be surprised then if he was able to pull it off on his lines when needed to be in english. This is his advantage to other known Korean actors I would say. I falling in ❤️ with this guy honestly .. Hahahaha!

  • Ivoire says:

    And I want to add, on that first picture, JG’s jaw line, Oh my word!!!!! That man is just gorgeous, and so manly. I hope he is making his wife and their son very happy, and taking good care of them.

    • goodange says:

      I never really thought much of his looks before because he has a strong resemblance to an old classmate (and probably a relative), but the loving way his character looks at Myeong Joo has me seeing his handsomeness.

  • Minihaha says:

    Wave to Ivoire (long time, although kept up with all your insightful comments here and at Soompi etc)

    Thanks Goodange for your addiction to Dots so we all get to enjoy even more of it in between episodes (lessens the craving!)

    Sorry had to wade in on the accent and English dialogue delivery in this drama debate. (I have read both your thoughts and didn’t think either of you were wrong in your respective opinion or thoughts on this subject).

    I too am an immigrant or more accurately a refugee from Vietnam that came to England as a young child. I speak English with what is deemed an English/British accent with a more London-ish twang to it. Most people who meet me are surprised that I was not born here. Those that I speak to over the phone wouldn’t be able to identify me as a foreigner unless I gave them my name. Depending on whom I speak too, also dictates the tone/accent/speech….my telephone voice is far more polite/posh to that of which I use to communicate with good friends and family. My spoken Vietnamese is the same as the natives of the region my mother is from, but my spoken Chinese although can be understood is not up to par as my father’s or the rest of the Chinese half of the family/relatives, whether I speak Cantonese, Mandarin or Hai-Nanese i definitely have a funny accent.

    I don’t have a problem with people speaking in English with a foreign accent, I expect it to be so, as a person who lived in London for 30+ years its a cosmopolitan city with every nationality living, working, studying or visiting it. I too have friends of all nationalities, and yes each of them speaks English with an accent according to their country of origin. Some North African friends have a stronger accent to the South African friends who differ again to the friends from the Caribbeans. My European friends also have accents differing from each other whether they are French, Belgium, German, Polish, Spanish or Italian. My Lebanese friend speaks English with an American twang mixed in with the Arabic accent. Not to mention friends that are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Mauritius. The oriental friends from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and China all have strong accents depending on which words they say has a more pronounce letter in their speech pattern.

    There is no right way of speaking English, as long as what you say is communicated and understood correctly by those on the receiving end of your conversation/talk etc. Everyone even those that live in what we deem as native English speaking countries all differ.

    For me both lead actor/actress (Songs) deliver their lines in spoken English really well, and I’m pleased with the way they both express themselves whilst saying their lines, hats off to them both I applaud them, it must be difficult but they have done well. Especially SJK, he sounds like a person used to chatting in English and it doesn’t feel strange that he can speak it so well, including the accent, his spoken English has a very slight American twang to it.

    I don’t cringe at the accent of anyone speaking in English in the drama, I only feel slightly strange upon hearing it spoken when delivered by those actors who come across poorly with their dialogue. I got what they said but couldn’t feel the emotion behind their words or what they were saying belies what they are meant to emote through it. say for instance Asparagus minions, or the police, the delivery was stiff as was their acting so that’s where is sounds wrong not what they say but how they say it (not their pronunciation of it), not their accent but the delivery of those words and the meaning behind those words were missing.

    I feel that when people comment on the spoken English, they don’t really mean the English or the words that were said but more of the poor standard in which it was delivered not giving of the correct vibes. (sorry to waffle on but I hope you both understand where and what I am trying to say in a very long winded manner!)

    • Ivoire says:

      Hello Minihaha,

      Yes!!!!!! Long time no see, or no read (at least for me, as I have not seen your posts for a while). Thank you so much for weighing in, I soooo appreciate it. I hope to be able to come back to your comment later. I added a video in the recent response I wrote to Goodange, so I hope that you will get a chance to watch it. Very insightful, and so very true, what the Kenyan lady says in it.

      I hope that you are well, and doing well as well. I didn’t know that you knew my username on Soompi, though I am glad that you kept up with my comments there. I have not commented there in a long while, I have just been asking questions if I had some. I mostly read other people’s thoughts, when I go there. I really love your story, thank you so much for sharing that with us. I love how your friends are the United Colors of Benetton, as Goodange put it (well said Goodange, btw). I mostly commented on Soompi during the Angel Eyes days drama. Were you reading my posts there then?

      Also, please be free to be long winded. You know I would never object to that, as you have read my posts here (I also write on Dramabeans), and as you know how long winded I usually am. As long as the ladies at Couch Kimchi allow us to be long winded, I will always enjoy reading your posts, long winded or not 🙂 It was really great hearing from you, thank you for chiming in.

      Also, my comment is awaiting moderation, so it might not be posted yet, FYI.

      • Ivoire says:

        Hi again Minihaha,

        I don’t see the comment I wrote posted here, so I am going to post that video link here, with the hope that it will be posted, and that my comment will not be awaiting moderation (again). Please do let me know what you thought of it (the video), and of the Kenyan lady, thank you! Here you go:

  • aya says:

    Episode 12, the best whereby all the tangle up emotion is revealed. Yoo Si Jin shown that even a man has to cry someday expressing his regret his anger deep from his heart.
    Kang Mo Yeon direct confession Wow!!!
    I can’t stop smiling looking at Yoo Si Jin expression.
    Again OMG!!! no word can describe the feeling….
    4 episode more to end…

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