“Descendants of the Sun” Episodes 11 & 12 Official Stills


My Descendants of the Sun mania has taken over Couch Kimchi that I’ve even abandoned my typical responsibilities here, like posting the latest celebrity pictorials. I’m also missing out on teasers for new dramas, and honestly, there aren’t any upcoming programs that’s baiting my attention. (Well, maybe except for Oh Hae Young Again.) Presently, all I’m interested in is prolonging the next two weeks so that I don’t have to go through a DOTS withdrawal. And KBS or the DOTS production is not helping! Whereas in the beginning, there were goodies aplenty, and now, they’ve been a Scrooge, withholding more stills and BTS clips. So, I truly value whatever little material we’ve been getting lately, and I’m thankful that the show’s still photographer, Song Hye Kyo, and other cast members are pacifying this addiction by sharing drama stills on their Instagram. Clearly, they’re proud of the show.




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  • Ivoire says:

    You know, you don’t hear us complaining. Do you? 🙂

    • goodange says:

      LOL. And I don’t really feel guilty either. LOL. When I become obsessed with a show, this is the result. I may not do recaps, but I’ll overrun the blog with anything related to that obsession. I might tone it down if the other authors begin to complain, but they’ve always indulged me. Heh.

  • Kreu says:

    Thank you for all your post with Descendants of the Sun. Eventhough i have lots of dramas to watch or check, i really can’t. I just can’t have enough of this drama, so yes i definitely understand you. Wheew, two more weeks and I don’t know how can I deal with the DOTS withdrawal. Fighting!

  • Beez says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated and the stills.

    And I apologize if my greediness for kiss pics made me seem ungrateful before. 😦

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