“Descendants of the Sun” Week 6 Official Stills Feat. A Loved Up Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won


I so enjoy this couple that I almost wish they had their own show! Myeong Joo and Dae Young’s love is pure, but it’s also not innocent, so … why the heck did production edit out all those kissing scenes?! LOL. Next week, though, the intimacy will probably go beyond a forehead kiss 🙂




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  • Minihaha says:

    That’s what you call true love. neither of them have waiver in their love for each other, just Dae Young not wanting to come between a fathers love for his daughter and willing to sacrifice his job for their love. Just love that Min Joo is an awesome Dr/Solider that she knows what her boundaries are as a daughter and as a lover, and that she will always choose love over and above filial duties.
    This second OTP have had a longer time to establish their understanding of each other their shared occupation makes it easier for them to understand the dangers involved in each others respective role. That’s why Min Joo only fears separation away from her man, because she is secure in the knowledge that he truly passionately loves her, the forever kind of love.

    Where as the lead OTP, had it hard as they are both from different ends of the same spectrum, both are leaders in their fields of saving and protecting lives (and decisions are made rationally with a cool head about death). Both are awesome individuals with a lot of sass. Each do not need to be reassured of their abilities, they are confident individuals who know how good they are. Yet together they make an awesome team. Moe Yeon was never wishy washy about her love for Shi Jin, it was whether or not she could deal with loving someone as amazing as he is but not really knowing the dangers he encounters or why he has to disappear so often without be able to give reasons, is hard for anyone to deal with let alone going into a new relationship. their attraction to each other was always there throbbing between them. I truly respected her struggles, she took it all seriously her wanting to be with him yet fearing the unknown future they may have together.
    Until she was a hostage in asparagus lair, Moe Yeon wasn’t fuller aware of how dangerous Shi Jin’s job is and only realised that he will always take the bullet to save others or shield others from danger. She couldn’t deny that he was a brave yet truly awesome man, with wit and humor as his companion to suppress the darkside of his job criteria. She got to see all sides of his persona, the fearless captain in command, the dutiful soldier, the humanitarian (letting her do her job in saving lives, operate on Prince and remove bullet from asparagus) putting others lives as the most important and saving them is top priority before any military command/order. The jokes he makes to lighten the situations. the honesty in which he always confesses his love, the kind gentleman he is always respectful of her wishes and her personal space even though he wishes he had the rights to hug her and wipe away her tears. The dignity and honor as an amazing man, he never cowers before death, disaster or superiors. He is respected and truly admired by his men, and how they never question his decision, and will willing follow him in battle and be there to support him no matter the cost to their own lives. Moe Yeon choose well, after a long struggle of heart and mind. She is the doctor female version of his awesomeness.

    I’ve been refraining to comment but felt I needed to after episode 12 Epicness !!

    Got to say hi to Ivoire and thanks Goodage for all the Dots goodies.

    • Beez says:

      Good analysis. I would interject though that I don’t think Dae Young’s trying to stay away from Myeong ju was about respecting her dad. I think it was more about him agreeing that as a former gangster, with limited education (which would limit his advancement in his military career) – he agreed with her dad that he wasn’t good enough for her and since he’d wants what’s best for her…

      Although any man that can throw salt like that in a pot for me…whew! He could be the military janitor for all I’d care!

  • Beez says:

    The salt! OMO! The salt! Has a man ever been sexier adding salt to a pot?!

    But seriously, Counch Kimchi, what kissing scenes that were edited out? I thought maybe you had stills of kisses that were filmed and then cut? (There just ought to have been more kisses all the way around though, that’s for dang sure. But I know what to expect with kdrama.)

    • goodange says:

      Jin Goo gave an interview not too long ago, and he said that there were a lot of kissing scenes that were filmed, but they’ve been edited out. 🙁 Or maybe there are a few others that have yet to air.

  • Beez says:

    Now that I’m over the fact that there are no stills of kisses, and reeaaally look at the pics here, the backdrop seems wrong for this couple. While those beautiful sunsets seem perfect for our “perfect couple” Mo Yeon and Shin jin, this couple seems less romanticized and more real. As if they should be standing back to back with weapons raised watching each other’s back. lol. Just my crazy imagination.

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