“Descendants of the Sun” Week 6 Official Sweet Stills Of Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo


What am I going to do when Descendants of the Sun ends?! Waaaah! Okay, there are still 4 episodes, so, I’ll hang on … I can do this.  :tears:​​​​​​​

Anywho, more official stills from last week’s episodes have been released. They’re stills of our favorite scenes! If I were a part of the promo team, I would have also shared the ones of Dr. Song jogging with the topless soldiers. LOL.

While I do anticipate more obstacles for both OTPs this week, I also expect there’ll be scenes we can add to our favorites list 🙂




Source  |  Bliss Media (DOTS Naver Blog)



  • erika says:

    I know. I felt the same with you. what am I going to do when this drama end? how can I survived without song song couple. unless they announce that they are dating then it will be really happy ending. have you watch their Hong Kong interview? so cute together.

  • Beez says:

    I didn’t realize that the kiss was filmed that closeup. I thought the entire kiss was filmed so that we really didn’t get to see it other than that long distance shot. I’ll have to go watch again (I think I was eating while watching this episode. That’ll teach be to not divide my attention between sustenance and DOTS!)

    She’s standing on her tippy toes! *squeeeee*

  • Beez says:

    Does anyone know where they filmed the scene with the kiss and what type of building they’re at the semi-top of?

    Just the sand being there intrigues me. Perhaps it’s a building incorporated into a mountain?

  • marshee says:

    kiss scene was deleted, right?

  • aya says:

    I watched a lot of korean dramas and movies. But DOTS the only drama that I downloaded to my computer. Why? Love it so much!!! Love it all!!!
    SongSong couple, perfect for me.
    Wish they we a real couple, age is only a number.. it would be awesome.
    OMG! love this couple so much..

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