Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo Were an Eyeful of Cuteness During “Descendants of the Sun” Press Conference in Hong Kong (UPDATED)


Hong Kong has just been hit with the cyclopean wave of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo‘s natural chemistry! And I wish I had been one of the lucky fans to meet them!

The lead stars of Descendants of the Sun were on hand for a press conference, as the drama will be airing on ViuTV. If you’re a shipper of these two, then, there was plenty to be happy about! Whereas the actors seemed a bit subdued and very formal during the first press conference in Korea, in Hong Kong, both Songs were much more relaxed and fun!

Joong Ki seemed especially comfortable around Hye Kyo, whom he referred to as Hye Kyo-ssi the whole time and whom he called very pretty in Chinese 😀 . He was also physically cozy with her, draping his arm around her shoulders, touching the small of her back, and engaging her in a couple of fist bumps! 🙂

I’m so on spazz mode right now! LOL.



Press Conference for DOTS



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  • Mercy says:

    Yaaaaayy<3 Song-Song couple! I do agree that the first press conference was a too formal. I'm glad seeing them smiling and that fist bump there. Aweee<3 I hope the people in HK would enjoy DOTS just like how I don't wanna say goodbye to it huhu

  • Beez says:

    lol I think GOODANGE might’ve imagined what she [we] wanted to see about the “small of her back” because I can see his hand (fingers) in every one of those pics either on her shoulder or arm.

    So much pretty together.

  • jude bwangan says:

    I Think they have special feeling for each other trying to hide but action speak louder than voices :)) Those fingers on her little back show a touch of love….

  • kate says:

    Finally! This is a nice contrast to that of the press con in Korea. And SHK finally uploaded photos of them two, too.

  • Camry says:

    Wow how touchy. Yay finally we getting that awkward feeling.. Yay yay yay 💕 💕. Love the song couple

  • kayamaj says:

    Some of that press con is available on VIU with Eng Subs. If you can’t watch it on VIU, here’s an alternative link for you^^ >>

    • goodange says:

      Thanks for sharing that link!
      I don’t think I can access the videos on Viu since I live in the US. So, thanks for the Vimeo link.

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