“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 13 Epilogue + Select Clips (UPDATED With Episode 14 Written Preview)

If I were to rate today’s episode, I would give it a “Meh … the show’s done better.”

Every episode always has its funny and sweet parts (yay, Myeong Joo got her kiss from Dae Young, but I couldn’t get over the reckless driving), so, we weren’t short on those today, and of course, there were the melodramatic scenes. And what about that cliffhanger?! Despite all these, this episode felt much like a filler, and now, I kind of wish we were still back in Urk … Because back in Seoul, we were assaulted with so many product placements. Yeek.

Going back to that cliffhanger … Wowza! I can’t believe KBS is leaving us hanging because no preview was shown, and in its place is an epilogue.

I better not be camping out late tonight, waiting for the preview! Cruel and manipulative KBS!


Episode 14 Written Preview, c/o snowglobe147

Moyeon frantically gives a bloodstained Shi Jin CPR, but his vital signs are only weakening! This unusual unresponsiveness and Shi Jin’s sudden arrival encircles Haesung Hospital with uneasy tension.


Episode 13 Epilogue


Episode 13 Select Clips



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  • carmen says:

    I haven’t seen this episode beacause I’m at work but saw the clip for the cliffhanger wondering what this will mean for our 2 couples. What decisions will be made after this.

    On another topic thank you for all your posting.

  • Yue says:

    I know and for sure that Capt. Yoo Si Jin will not die because that would be the downfall and failure of this drama but I just can’t help but feel worried about the situation because this might AGAIN cause another heartbreaking breakup for our OTP and this time MAYBE it will not be Kang Mo Yeon who will ask for the breakup but it will be Capt. Yoo who will ask for it because he would never want Dr.Kang to feel scared, be in danger or be worried because of him. MAYBE he will ask her to give the Director of the hospital a chance in order for her to have a normal life and that is what I am worried and sad about…

    Come on they have broken up a lot of times and Capt. Yoo Has been dumped a million times… Please… Not AGAIN!

    • Yue says:

      But at least by viewing your site i felt happy because if the close-up kissing scene from the tower! Thanks! Wondering where you get those videos but who cares as long as couch kimchi is here i can see those vids that are not shown on the drama! Thanks!

      • goodange says:

        I’m worried, too, that we’ll get a noble idiocy sub-plot, but I’ll put my trust in the writers that they’ll still give us a satisfying final 3 episodes.

        As for the gif … I just obtained a video somewhere and cropped it to zoom in on the kiss. LOL.

        • Yue says:

          That is so true. I mean there a lot of chances where they can stretch this drama since it is very fast paced. If the effect of that fast paced previous episode is having a out of the world sub-plot i will be disappointed (they could’ve just keep Augus alive if that’s the case.. kekeke). Like you i will keep my trust and faith to the writers because so far this drama has ben very unpredictable. I hope make my prediction is wrong and please writers be unpredictable as you always have been.

  • Koo says:

    If this was episode 15, he probably would die. Since he won’t and there’s not much conflict left, they would probably break up. And that would be annoying and cliche. I no longer have expectations for this show. Just give me pretty. Sjk acting drunk, delicious.

  • Descendants of the Sun: Link Ep 13 eng sub:

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  • heartoppaya says:

    Wah…. Why no kiss pic of goowon couple? 😭

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