“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 15 Video & Written Previews + Episode 14 Select Clips

Nothing about this show is predictable. Let me say that again. Nothing about this show is predictable! And it almost feels like I’m watching a different drama because once the story left Urk, it never looked back. There’s no real continuity because now that they’re back in Seoul, there’s a new batch of problems that calls for Shi Jin’s military expertise and Mo Yeon’s talent as a doctor. I miss Urk …

Regardless of this issue, there’s also no turning off my love for Descendants of the Sun and its characters. The show feels like my child—you love it and accept everything about it, faults and all, yeah? LOL. And I was very much entertained by today’s program despite it feeling disconnected from the previous episodes and despite feeling short-changed with the dramatic emotional depth.

We did get played by the spoiler stills for Episode 14! Grrr, and I was mortified and ready to cry buckets up until Shi Jin miraculously shook off his very serious injuries. It was a rather quick touch and go for Shi Jin there! But I guess he’s Superman …

The preview for episode 15 might be trolling us again, though. LOL. It implies a campout romp between our lead OTP! I certainly am hoping for more kisses and cuddles since they’re a stable couple now! Show, let’s get real with the situation! However, Mo Yeon might receive bad news about her man who’ll be on another mission. Hmmm … This preview feels like déjà vu … The developments might be surprising, but I guess the teasing is the same ol’ thing.


Episode 15 Video Preview


Episode 15 Video Preview Alternative [Portion] Translation, c/o kminjungee

(0:10) Shi Jin: Do you know that? We haven’t properly said ‘I love you’ to each other yet.

(0:14) Mo Yeon: We said it not through words, but through our bodies.


Episode 15 Written Preview, c/o yaqiyuki (from Soompi)

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon happily spend every day together.

In contrast, the conflicts between Dae Young and Myeong Joo deepen day by day.

Meanwhile, in a fight where they are unable to retreat, the Alpha Team commits to their long-term operation …

And Mo Yeon feels uneasy about her first long separation from Shi Jin …

Episode 14 Select Clips



Sources  |  Soompi, c/o yaqiyuki, kminjungee, & KSHxKJY  |  Credit to uploader  |  DramaKBS



  • Itenoria says:

    So he didn’t die? *Whew!* Totally relieved. Now I can breathe and get back to work :).

  • syada says:

    Phew! That was close. But preview for ep15 seems serious. Oh can’t wait for eng sub

    • goodange says:

      I embedded an English subbed preview now 🙂 And there’s a correction in the translation (posted right below the video preview) that was shared by someone on Soompi.

  • kp123 says:

    I miss Uruk too!! This week’s episodes got me really confused. Entertaining, sure, and cute. But like you said, it’s a whole different drama. The balance of melo and humor is gone and there’s no continuity from the first half. I can’t believe they just never looked back and its not divided into Soldier YSJ and Bodyguard YSJ. Is that possible? I miss the earthquake so much. {SPOILER} how the heck can he die, then come back to life, then be allowed to negotiate and not even have surgery? did he not get shot? and don’t get me started on him being a sniper after spraining his wrist and having to wear a cast, which was suspiciously gone during sniper mission but miraculously back when he was in the hospital. as if you can just take a cast on and off like nothing, its not even the velcro kind but the hard paper mache. sigh.

    • Ivoire says:

      Lol! Maybe YSJ is the Korean Superman?

      • Redd says:

        I believe he is.
        I was so ready for crying in this episode and then tada! Shi Jin critical moment passed so quickly. I was scared for nothing……….

      • kp123 says:

        He’s practically Jesus the way he came back to life just like that.

        also i thought, why does his frenemies keep trying to kill him? first Argus, now NK soldier. i hope dae young doesn’t turn on him.

        • Ivoire says:

          If he is Jesus, I’m waiting for him to walk on water, and perform some miracles (for other people, that is) 🙂 Like cure cancer, for example 🙂

  • carmen says:

    I think the reason for the cast is because Song Joon Ki got hurt filming the scene at the underground garage and the scene where he shot the North Korean soldier was done prior all the scene at the hospital and they needed to come with a way out to shot all the scene needed and incorporate his real injuries into the drama. The problem is that they should had re-shot the scene of the north korean soldier and instead on Capt Yoo shooting him it should had been Dae Young, that would had make more sense since Capt is wearing a cast there is no way he could do any shooting.

    • Ivoire says:

      Hi Carmen,

      Thank you for explaining. That makes sense (the discrepancies). BUT Capt YSJ had to be the hero (once again), so they kept those scenes of him shooting the NK. Because I think that if SDY had to shoot the NK, there would be no need for YSJ to go outside on the roof, and he would not have had his tiff/kinda of argument with KMY about him going out, and him saving the day later.

      In ep.14, we see that KMY comes around when she fully understands what he has done, and they make up.

  • aya says:

    OMG!!! what a situation. How do you feel if in real life.? (YSJ got hurt)
    KMY is a strong women,dignity and brave as mention YSJ.
    Love the ending Eps 14,
    Eps 15 – (from the preview) Maybe YSJ is missing during operation or get injured and he’s not coming home. KMY had mention if he really feel sorry do not appear to her covered with blood. Prediction – I hope the producer is not angry with my comment .

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