“Descendants of the Sun”: Song Hye Kyo Sheds Heartbreaking Tears For Injured Song Joong Ki


Episode 13 ended with Mo Yeon finding herself confronted with the sight of her love helpless and covered in blood. So, folks, arm yourself with a box full of tissues because we might be bawling along with her as she tries to save Shi Jin’s life. As a doctor, how will she be able to hold herself together through this frightful moment?

It’s usually rare for a K-drama to make me cry, but just looking at these stills are making my eyes tear up!




Source  |  sun.sun.2016 IG



  • Yue says:

    Just like the previous episodes i hope that today’s episode will also be fast-paced. I would hate it if the whole episode will just be about the process on how to revive Capt. Yoo. I guess he was stabbed by the pen that’s why he is unresponsive.

  • Camry says:

    I’ve downloaded and I’m waiting to get some free time here. 💔 💔 💔 💔 my heart hurts so much. Ohhh nooo

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