Good Bye Mr. Black: the reunion we’ve been waiting for

After his life is destroyed and was presumably taken, Ji Won comes back from the dead as Mr. Black to avenge his father and find his sister. Up to this point, Black has been laying the foundation of his plan in the background, but we have reached a turning point where we expect a full frontal attack on Seon Jae or at least I hope so.

Swan and Black’s reunion
Good Bye Mr. Black

Finally, after trying to avoid each other or skirt around the others presence, Black and Swan meet each other face to face thanks to the danger Swan placed herself in by out right confronting Baek Eun Do. It tickles me how Black doesn’t want to involve himself with Swan because the aneurysm he suffers from can end his life at any moment, but he is quick to show up when she is in danger. He can say what he wants about the brotherly affection he has for her but it’s clear he can’t leave her alone, and her bravery is giving him every excuse to stay.

Sadly, Black can’t easily pick up and start a new life with Swan nor can he enjoy his last days with her because of his need for revenge and his lingering affections for Ma Ri. Although revenge may be an issue of justice, the residue of his relationship with Ma Ri is not. Ma Ri represents a past where Black world was beautiful, he had everything: a loving family, a great best friend that was like a brother, and Ma Ri, the woman that dearly loved him. All this was taken away almost instantly, and Black returns from the dead to find Seon Jae, his ex-bestie, living the life that Black was supposed to live, with Ma Ri. Black, who has always been faithful in his love for Ma Ri, must have been hurt. He vocalized as much when he questioned why she didn’t wait for him, granted she did not receive his letter where he told her he would fake his death, however if Swan could wait for him without being informed, why couldn’t she?

The writers have yet to give us the full details behind what led to Ma Ri marrying Seon Jae only a year after Black’s “death,” but the fact that she didn’t wait when Swan could is a testament to where Ma Ri and Black’s relationship was at the time. While the two were together, they loved each other, but they never connected in the way Swan did with Black. For Swan, Black is the man who saved her life, made her want to live again, and even to this point has given her a sense of direction (he is the reason she is a reporter). Before Black she was Kaya, which meant trash, and was mocked by those around her. She lived life in an unscrupulous manner and was treated like she was less than nothing. However Black turned things around by treating her like his family, renaming her Swan, which represents grace, beauty, and love, and showed her she had value. She loved the man and knew him to be good, a fact that Ma Ri seemed to have forgotten when criminal allegations swirled around Black. With all the lies surrounding Black, Ma Ri was in a state of disbelief, but it is possible that she began doubt and lose sight of who he was. Therefore it is probable that upon hearing about his death Ma Ri was forced to accept everything and move on, where as Swan, who still had faith in this man chose to live on with the hope that she would find him. Yes, Ma Ri loved Black, a fact that she was forced to acknowledge after hearing about Black’s injury caused by her husband’s henchman, but she does not love him like Swan does.
goodbye Mr. Black

I am excited that Black and Swan are reunited, but their love will most likely be an up hill battle. Based off the dinner scene in episode 7, the tension indicates that this love triangle is fully formed. Black can’t ignore Swan and probably experienced a twinge of jealousy when Seo Woo Jin kissed Swan, but Black has yet to find closure in his past relationship with Ma Ri so his heart lingers with Ma Ri due to loyalty and the memory of their love, as if he subconsciously wants his happy life in the past back. On the other hand, unless told otherwise, Swan will not reach for that place in his heart because she knows Black still loves Ma Ri. Every meeting between the two feels so fleeting, because Black tries so hard to make their every meeting their last, at the same time there is so much happiness there that the stolen moments are precious, but sad nonetheless. Black’s looming death is something that prevents him from trying to want more whether it be with Ma Ri or Swan. Where as Swan is constantly confronted with the feeling that she is the fake wife/love and restrains herself from believing there could be anything more between them.

Baek Eun Do’s fall
Goodbye Mr. Black
Swan’s article exposing Baek Eun Do’s role in illegally acquiring lands through underhanded means was instantly blocked, but that didn’t stop Swan or Woo Jin. They planned to expose everything at Sun Woo group’s media day. Of course Mr. Baek  attempted thwart their efforts through misleading information that landed them at the wrong address. Nonetheless, Swan was like a dog with a bone, instead of giving up, she tried sending the info to every reporter at the press conference, in hopes one of them were upright enough that they would not be swayed by Baek’s influence and actually do some reporting. Fortunately for Swan, one of the reporters was in Seon Jae’s pocket therefore the truth was revealed.

Although the she walked off the star of the show, Swan is far from the biggest winner of the day, neither is Seon Jae who mistakenly believes he was the victor. In fact Seon Jae has fallen even deeper into Black’s trap. The definite winner in episode 7’s battle was Black who used his associates Mu Tong and his daughter, May, to go into contract with Seon Jae. So far Black has been playing mind games with Seon Jae by pretending to not know about Seon Jae’s involvement in Black’s attempted murder and the destruction of his family, but based off the preview, Black will be making Seon Jae squirm when Black enters the company as manager and performs an audit on the company.

However, I can’t help but worry for Swan who has made herself a target. Baek Eun Do maybe under fire, but that doesn’t mean he will be too preoccupied to have Swan killed. The only good I can glean from that is that Black will desire to protect her more, making it harder to cut ties. These two have a love tinged with adrenaline, but is fitting for the role Black now plays. He is a hero for Swan but a vigilante in other aspects. Watching the preview in which Seon Jae struts around in White and Black is dressed in full black is symbolic of how these two men’s reality seem to have been turned upside down. The once bright Ji Won (Black) must now embrace the darkness living for revenge, where as Seon Jae who kept his greed and hatred in the shadows, now walks in the light, unashamed that he stole everything that is rightfully Black’s.Essentially their roles have reversed and only the good have suffered because of it.

This drama gets better with each episode, and I can’t wait to see how Black spanks Seon Jae.



  • Teleri says:

    I personally DON’T want Swan to end up with Black. He really loves the girl he grew up with, the one who he was to marry – she loves HIM as well. ‘Black’ only knew the child Swan for less than a week, for goodness sake! She certainly had a crush on him, totally understandable, and she used that to better herself (which of course would make Black ever more important) plus she feels a real obligation to him to find his sister. She thinks/hopes he’s not dead cause she herself survived a major ordeal, and she also saw Black survive that one shooting – so since there was no body she hopes. Mi Ra, on the other hand, sees EVERYTHING disappear including her father – and never reads the letter Black sends her. We aren’t sure what motivated her to marry her lover’s best friend, but remember that HE also has always been there for her and she had not got a CLUE of his involvement.
    She’s now pregnant with his child as well – the way her character is written I’m thinking that if she weren’t pregnant she’d leave with Black. And boy, once she finds out what hubby has really done, I’m SURE she will.
    I recognize this as a KDrama and the odds are Swan & Black will end up together, but I will be VERY unsatisfied about that. I’d so much rather see her with her young boss LOL although I’m thinking that young man will end up being her real brother (we don’t know who her parents are yet, and given how in KDrama land Seoul is a tiny town where everyone is related & runs into each other at all times, well that’s my prediction….)
    This is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo – I’ve NEVER liked the way Dumas had Dantes abandon Mercedes 🙁 Just saying.

    • rinchan76 says:

      I definitely see where you’re coming from, I too want to see what happened in the year that Black was missing. I also think that if she wasn’t pregnant, she would have left with Black and that would be the end of it. It is possible that they could move on and raise the child together since by the end of the drama the Seon Jae should be in jail, if not dead (who knows). The thing we don’t know yet is if Black will live long enough to be with anybody.

      And yes Woo Jin and Swan are very cute together, I wouldn’t be mad if they were the endgame but based on the classic Kdrama trajectory it will be Black and Swan. Let’s hope that the romance is convincing enough that everyone is satisfied 🙂

  • baloi says:

    Thanks Rinchan. Finally, a new drama to read from this site aside from DOTS. lol Not that I’m complaining, it’s just sometimes you have to taste other dishes too. 🙂

    Actually, I love watching revenge story more so if the actors are your biases. Hence I love Mr. Black. Sadly, it’s overshadowed by DOTS which I love too.

    What I’m curious is if Ma Ri is already married to Seon Jae when she reads the letter from Black after her father died. She feigned ignorance though when Black brought it up.

  • Anne Lim says:

    I think Swan is related to Baek Eun Do. She remembers the elephant picture

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