Goodbye Mr. Black Episode 8 Preview stills

Is this really happening? Black is either going to lock lips with Swan, or this is a troll moment. Whatever it is, it has my attention. I look at these stills and wonder what exactly is this man saying to Swan. The look on their face is so urgent, will he be kissing to hide in plain sight, or is he confessing. Truth be told it is hard to believe that the two have reached a point where a confession is warranted, but I’ll take a kiss where both she and he is active any day, and my petty side wants Ma Ri to be present LOL. I was most definitely not pleased with the stunt she pulled at dinner, which was more like an ambush. She needs to be reminded that she can’t have both him and Seon Jae.

goodbye Mr. Black
goodbye Mr. Black


  • olive says:


  • goodange says:

    Rin, thanks for taking up Mr. Black. I’ve fallen behind with it because I’m focused on Descendants of the Sun. LOL. Your posts are a nice break from my DOTS assault on here. Hahaha.

  • baloi says:

    Finally, a kiss…… but I guess this isn’t for real. I do believe too they’re not yet on the stage to be kissing. But of course I’m looking forward for this. Heheh!

  • kp123 says:

    yea Mari, what happened to your whole ‘i wish you did die’ speech and purposefully ignoring his letter that he was going to fake death and come back. she walked into that hole, eyes wide open, so stop being grabby with people who are not your husband.

  • Anne Lim says:

    I think Mari’s dad passed away about the same time. Maybe she was left alone and no one to turn to except Min Sun Jae

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