New “Refresh Man” Episode 6 Preview

Who else is watching Taiwanese drama Refresh Man?

I can’t explain it but I really like it! It’s the typical Aaron Yan idol workplace drama and as always, he’s the boss and she’s his employee. But I suppose this is a little different because he and the female lead played by Joanne Tseng share a past.

Long story short, Wen Kai and Yu Tang were nemeses in high school were he was ranked at the bottom and she at the very top. Ten years later, the tables have turned as he’s now the CEO of her company.

A lot of this drama is him taking “revenge” on her (although not really) so there are a lot of flashbacks to their high school days. Part of this revenge involved transferring her to a low-performing department so the drama will be about slackers who  – I’m assuming  – will mature, reach their full potential and end the drama as superstars.

I won’t call it a great plot but I really like the OTP’s chemistry. It’s one of those shows where it doesn’t really matter what the characters do as long as they are cute and funny. So it’s filled with tons of cliches and is very predicable but still enjoyable. That’s what really matters at the end of the day, right?

Anyway, our vengeful boss who is hard on her and pretends to dislike her (but he’s always been head over heels in love with her) now has competition in the form of the newly introduced second lead. So it’s going to be entertaining to see how he deals with it. How do you keep a man from stealing a girl who thinks you hate her?

Personally, I’m all for this new guy. No, I don’t want them to end up together but I also like their chemistry and hope she likes him a little bit before she realizes she’s also in love with Wen Kai. Plus that dude is so mean in his revenge/lesson (basically, he’s pushing her to be meet her potential) that he needs to suffer a bit.

My only issue with this drama is that despite writing her as an intelligent, capable woman, they put her in the damsel-in-distress role to get saved by her princes. Less of that, please.

Refresh Man airs on Sundays, on SETTV. It is available with subtitles on Viki.

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