Love Blossoms on the set of Lucky Romance

The drama hasn’t even started yet, but it is safe to say I am already in love with this couple. The chemistry in their official couple stills is hard to ignore, and makes me want more of them already.

Lucky Romance is based off a web comic in which Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is told by a fortune teller that if she fails to sleep with a virgin born in 1986, the year of the tiger, she will die. This launches her search for the man that meets her specifications. Turns out he is not too far since her land lord, Soo Ho (Ryu Joon Yeol) who happens to be trying to kick her out her place for being late on the rent, is the one. However, things won’t be easy since he doesn’t practice premarital sex. The show is set to air May 11, 2016, after the end of Goodbye Mr. Black.

One thing is certain, Ryu Joon Yeol is getting the girl this time and I look forward to it!

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  • afufu bing says:

    (2nd picture) I thought it was No Min Woo and wondered – why the heck is RJY holding hands with NMW lol

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