Jackpot episode 5 preview stills

Episode 4 ended on a tearful note with the death of Dae Gil’s dad. It is as though fate is set against him to keep him from being happy. Maybe this is what is necessary to keep him from settling in one place so that he may fulfill his destiny and change Goryo forever.

After his escape from Hanyang, Dae Gil appears to recover, but long gone are his robes. Though he has regained his noble status he continues to live like a pauper and dress like one too. There is no doubt that he has many hardships to overcome, especially if he wishes to take on Yi In, a formidable opponent. On the other he will have to face the fact that the woman he held feelings for is in cahoots with  the man who is his enemy. Episode 5 may be the turning point in which the cheerful Dae Gil becomes a jaded vengeful man.

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