Goodbye Mr. Black episode 9 preview + translated written preview

It looks like Ji Soo’s return has launched a race to find her. When we last saw her she was taking a walk through what might have been Baek’s estate, however now she is barefoot, on the run, and in a disheveled state. Was she by chance kidnapped? Regardless she is out and everyone seems to notice. The focus this week may seem to be finding Ji Soo, and I hope the good guys find her first. There’s no telling what Seon Jae will do if she ends up in his grasp. With her knowledge, his motivation to kill her may be high.

On the other hand we have bad grandad Baek spinning lies, claiming to Black that it was Seon Jae that killed Chairman Cha. Will Black believe it? Probably since he knows Seon Jae  already tried to kill him. I wonder how Black will react to this, he most definitely can’t align with Baek.

Episode 9 preview


Those two, are your responsibility. Solve it once and for all.

Ji Won kisses Swan, and says although he’s still a murderer for now, but he’ll like her shamelessly.
Therefore, Swan asks if she’s dreaming.
Eun Do tells Ji Won, who came to look for him, that it was Min Seon Jae who killed Chairman Cha.



Translation by Yakiyuki @soompi

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