“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 15 Select Clips

Episode 15 ties back into the first 12 episodes, as it focuses more on the lovers’ stories (than tangential missions and hospital shenanigans) and ultimately taking us back to Uruk.

If you want to know more, then, read on …

This was an emotional episode, but as heart-rending as some scenes were, admittedly, I was relieved they happened because that meant Yoo Shi Jin would be in the safe, happy zone. This guy will outlive every character on the show! As for Dae Young, that remains to be seen, but Jin Goo had hinted a refreshing ending, so, he’ll be fine … And down goes the bull shit rumored endings that germinated throughout forums and even a few respectable blogs.

Really, I think I spent most of the time watching episode 15 just waiting for Shi Jin and Dae Young to show up, and our Captain did keep his promise to Mo Yeon 🙂

And now, we shall go into the final episode expecting a lot of lovey dovey moments. The campout should come up! And I think the only thing that might disappoint me about the finale is if our OTPs do not kiss! If that happens even with a happy ending, then the writers should still go into hiding.


Clip Translation, c/o JYinz

(Scene before the above clip)

SJ’s text: What’re you doing?

MY’s text: Heading for a bath.

(SJ video calls MY)

MY: That was quick. You miss me already?

SJ: You mentioned a bath …

MY: So?

SJ (he peeks): You’re still dressed though …

MY: Are you calling just for this reason? Not because you miss me?

SJ: Of course I miss you … all sides of you …

MY: Pervert .. I’ll take off my clothes only after I hang up … Hanging up!

(Doorbell rings)

SJ: Why did you lie? You’re supposed to take off your clothes after hanging up.

MY: You! I’m gonna be mad. What are you doing here at this hour? You’re done with your work?

SJ: I applied for leave. I’m still in pain, so, I’m here to seek a medical certificate.

MY: You have to go to the hospital to get one.

SJ: Well I’ve got to see my doctor first to get it.

(Start of above clip)

MY: What’s an invalid doing with all these (beer)?

SJ: (These are) painkillers?

SJ: Ah let’s have a look before getting that medical cert … (of) the ‘filling the bathtub with water’…

MY: Don’t even dream about it.

SJ: Well, it’s my dream in my own mind. (LOL. Basically, he’s saying he can dream whatever he wants.)

SJ: Take your bath, I’ll wait here.

MY: Why do you keep urging me to take a bath. I’ll decide what I do with my own body.

MY: One, two, three, four … Don’t you dare drink all of it. I know how many there are.

(MY returns after her shower. The room is lit with candles.)

MY: Whoa what’s this?

SJ: A present … (for the light) to reflect on all beautiful sides of you … really pretty…

MY: Duh, of course. How did you know my favourite type of candles?

SJ: My sense. (Basically, he means his observational skills.)

MY: Only after seeing it once?

SJ: Do you think I only came to your house once?

MY: No …

SJ: How many times (then)?

MY: Why? I don’t want to know?

SJ: Put this (beer can) down first.

MY: Ah! Now I remember! The day I got drunk.

SJ: When (exactly)?

MY: A loooooong time ago ….

SJ: Don’t you dare drink with other guys in the future.

MY: What can you do if I do? Fly in a chopper and catch me?

SJ: You think I can’t do that?

MY: Ah! The time you rescued me from the Private Ryan’s place … Why did you arrive in the Arabian helicopter?

SJ: Ah! My arm, it hurts when I fell down.

MY: You fell on the other side.

SJ: Ah, yes, this is the side that hurts.

MY: Be honest with me. I won’t get mad.

SJ: Really?

MY: Please, tell me you didn’t use that golden namecard

SJ: Cheers?

MY: You really used the card?! For that helicopter?!

SJ: Think about it this way, you’re alive thanks to it.

MY: What’s the point of being alive if the card is gone?! There wasn’t anything on the helicopter? Like documents related to oil or cash? Cheques? Think carefully! Was there like a secret safe somewhere on the chopper?

SJ: I’m thirsty, I need water.

MY: You stand right there! How could you use the card as means for transportation again? It’s not like the card is some transportation card?! What am I to do now?!

SJ: You realistic little …

(He pinches her cheek.)

MY: YA!!

Clip Translation by JYinz

MY: Our date begins in another 2 and a half hours … you’re here early again … like that last time.

MY: What’s wrong … I guess you’re not early on purpose …

SJ: Yes.

MY: Another trip to the department store?

SJ: Yes. I’ll be away for abit longer than usual for this (trip) … My time is tight, hence, I came here to see you before I leave.

MY: How long will you be away? A week? Two weeks?

SJ: Three months.

MY: Three months? An overseas department store?

SJ: Just think of it as enlisting in the army; you get a break after 100 days.

MY: So I’m to become a soldier’s girlfriend.

SJ: You better not drink with any guys while I’m not around.

(Mo Yeon nods her head and tears up.)

MY: I’m sorry. I’m trying hard not to act like this … seems not to be working …

(They embrace.)

SJ: I’m sorry for putting you through all this …

MY: Then come back early, don’t get hurt, don’t be late …

 SJ: I promise I won’t get hurt. I won’t die. I will definitely come back. I promise.

MY: Is it possible to keep in touch?

SJ: It’s not a place where Internet’s available. I’ll call you whenever I can. Enjoy the (current) season. I’ll be back when the season changes.

MY: You’re leaving now? Wait.

(They embrace again.)

SJ: I’ll miss you.

MY: I’ll miss you, too.




Sources  |  DramaKBS  |  Soompi, c/o JYinz


  • k723 says:

    im flabbergasted at the balls that this show has. lets ‘kill’ our lead and bring him back like he’s Jason Bourne, two episodes in a row. also lets have him come back as if he walked all the way from where he ‘died’ and dressed as an arabian knight of the dessert at that. the scenes where everyone found out he ‘died’ was heartwrenching and i did get emotional seeing it. but then seeing him come back alive made me feel gypped and confused. so my tears.. you took them on purpose? to only just throw them away and laugh at my naivety. he’s alive. of course. this is the korean punk’ed. it’s too much to ask for any narrative consistency.

    • goodange says:

      True. True. But frankly, I’ve suspended disbelief a long time ago, so, I can tolerate it, especially considering how he survived his very bloody gunshot wound last week … yeah, this time, I chose not to fall for it. That’s why I really just spent today anticipating when he would return. It was expected. I know I said before that this show is unpredictable, but this time, that wasn’t the case for me.

      • Ivoire says:

        Also, thank you for the scenes that were subtitled.

      • k723 says:

        you’re right, you’re right. i just went into the episode differently, and it didn’t pay off. BUT let’s all enjoy this ride! i am happy to see more joong ki and hope the two make a beautiful life together in Uruk.

        thank you also for providing the subtitles! helps tie us all over until viki is done.

    • Lena says:

      Agreed! Defibrillator in ep. 14 was a bit excessive, may be show me some bullet proof vest removal… after all he did take all those body shots… or was it my imagination? A little tweak like that would have given me pretty good scare making the “actual” death and resurrection so mach more impactful. I’m glad I get to see “and they lived happily ever after” episode. Reading spoilers I was afraid they will make a blend of Cruel City and Always… a familiar man’s back with face half turned, scared with a burn for life…. I would have been really pissed then.

  • Blackmoonfairy says:

    I am always wrong with my predictions in this dram but this time… My predictions are correct… Yoo Si Jin will be gone and because her grief Dr. Kang will choose to do volunteer works. Then they will see each other somewhere… I love the drama scenes of this episde i really felt the girls’s pain… I am at a coffee shop while watching and I can’t cry in public so it really did hurt my heart… At least Capt. is back I am hoping for Myung ju and Seo dae young’s happy ending too…

  • Ivoire says:

    Hello again Goodange! And thank you again for your latest posts. When I saw your post last night, I thought we might be trolled, I just didn’t get a chance to write it.

    You did better than me, in that you actually knew he would be alive. I personally was not sure, and I thought it could go either way. And I was okay with either ending. For this week’s episodes, I just wanted to see if they would end up together, or not. It looks like KMY and YSJ will.

    Where this episode lost me was in the element of surprise, and feeling emotionally involved. Because of the preview, I knew Sergeant Choi would have some bad news for KMY. However, I did not feel sad for KMY, or for YMJ. I thought both cried well, and that SHK does look beautiful when she cries, as some have said. I was also waiting to see the camping scene, in a flash back, though now I’m thinking we might have that tomorrow, hopefully. I just wanted to see how the episode would end.

    I think episode 14 made me stop believe that YSJ would be dead for the end of this drama. I wanted the show to end with a bang, I wonder if it will. I watched episode 15 raw, and I was not dying to have the subs, which I usually do. I find it regrettable (can you say that in English?) that I am watching this week’s episodes to find out how the drama is ending (how the ending is told), and not because I’m excited (necessarily) to watch the last two episodes. I was excited last week, for their return to Seoul, and very curious about what would happen then. This week, I just wanna see how the drama ends. I hope I’m making sense. I don’t have high expectations about the ending, I wish I did. So I didn’t feel manipulated in that sense, with today’s episode. I was happy to see Daniel back though.

    • Ivoire says:

      This episode felt very melodramatic to me.

    • k723 says:

      i always enjoy your comments Ivoire. i thought the crying scenes were well done too, but was kind of out of touch by it cause i was thinking more of their acting then of the characters. but seeing Shi Jin’s dad cry… oof. that had me feeling sad for a father losing his son. (and yes, regrettable is a word in english 🙂 )

  • colette says:

    I am new here.this is my first comment. this is another great episode!!! I watched it twice already, with and without subs..and i’m still crying..great acting is what carries this drama on. the ending was so beautiful..you can really feel the moment..good job song hye kyo + song jong ki..

  • Xianyue says:

    I am happy with this episode.. The crying scenes are well done… I was carried away…

    Here is my worst prediction on what happened, I think Seo Dae Young died saving Yoo Si Jin that is why he did not return right away.. He is feeling guilty of what happened and want to run away. After hearing Kang Mo Yeon’s Voice he just can’t stay away from her and decided to return.

    Best prediction… Both of them survived. How? Not yet sure how…

    My first prediction is more likely to happen as that explains Yoo Si Jin’s attire when he returned.. Still with blood and dirt… But I am hoping for my second prediction to happen because I would feel bad for Myung Joo..

    Yep i agree that they need to kiss a lot for the final episode because it lacks that scenes since ep 9 hope its not because of the rumor.. I even thought that there should be a kiss on the scene were they part…

    Anyways.. I still hope fir happy endings for both our OTP

  • Aya says:

    I have watched a lot of korean series and song-song couple’s on-screen chemistry is really off the charts

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