“Descendants of the Sun”: Episode 15 Stills of Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo’s Tearful Reunion (UPDATED)


Should I sulk now or wait until after episode 16 airs?

Descendants of the Sun has encroached on so much of my time, but at the same time, it’s bittersweet knowing that eventually, my visits to the drama’s Soompi thread will eventually taper off. Okay, okay. I’ll save the sulking for tomorrow.

Look, without a question, episode 15 was flawed, and K-netizens voiced their disappointment in Shi Jin’s phoenix-like abilities. However, I hope episode 16 will convincingly explain how he (and possibly Dae Young) survived that blast. And while I understand those negative reactions, I would still hug episode 15. As I’ve mentioned in my comments, I’m in this for the entertainment, so, I’m permissive of the lack of believable instances.

Despite some bad reviews of the episode, at least there’s a lot of praises for Song Hye Kyo‘s acting, which means she and Song Joong Ki will likely be contenders for the Daesang at the KBS Entertainment Awards this year. They both cried so well (LOL), especially during their reunion scene. And that hug! Not everybody will agree, but I think their chemistry is just too much that there’s no way onscreen attraction can’t translate to real life. It wouldn’t be surprising for me if it already has 😛




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  • Ivoire says:

    I’m getting ready to watch the episode with subtitles, maybe my feelings and impressions might be different then.

    I would say save your sulking for tomorrow 🙂 I really wish and hope SDY will be alive as well. I feel that he deserves to be back, and not in flashbacks only. Such a gorgeous man, is he. And I would like for YMJ to be happy as well.

    Like you, I would not be surprised if they are dating. SJK is said to be very considerate and attentive, and those are some attractive qualities in my book, besides him being adorable and hard working. SHK is a very good actress, and quite beautiful. She would also understand well how busy he is, and his level of fame. She could handle it well, having been there, and still being there. Also, they spent a lot of time together while filming, and they looked quite comfortable with each other. What is there for each other not to like?

    They apparently were seen together in N.Y. (holding hands), which (though I don’t know if that is true), their agencies did not deny. SJK has admired SHK in the past, can you imagine dating someone you have admired? (if you have feelings for him/her). That would be the best of all worlds: professional success, national and international recognition and fame/popularity, assurance of future projects to come your way, and a girlfriend you like or love, who TOTALLY understands what is happening to you, and can handle it. What else is missing? 🙂

    • Ivoire says:

      I just got done watching the episode, great acting by all. The subtitles made a difference, and I felt pulled in more, this time around. I’m still not sure what to make of this episode. It still felt manipulative to me. “Bring on the drama, make it dramatic, let them think that YSJ died. But oh look, he is alive, after all!”
      Now that I think of it, was this supposed to be a filler episode? It kinda felt like one, to an extent.

      SJK looks really good in this episode. I love how buffed he is in the last scenes. I also love the black and white stills, thank you for those.

      • goodange goodange says:

        Hey! I’m sorry I haven’t been replying to your comments. I promise I will. You’ve put quite a lot of thought into them, so, I feel I need a good amount of time to just sit down and give a proper response to each one.

        But I do agree with a lot of your observations 🙂

        As for Song-Song … 😀 I’ll just say that there’s a basis for my strong shipping. Nothing has been confirmed, of course, but too many circumstantial evidence to ignore. 🙂 I don’t dare share it here, though. I spazz along with the others on Soompi. LOL.

        • Ivoire says:

          Hi Goodange!

          Good to read from you. Also, I appreciate that you see and appreciate the thoughtfulness I put in my posts, and the time I take to write them. You were right on those accounts. I do think before I write, I do care about how I come across in my writing and in how I express my thoughts, so I do appreciate that those are things you would care about in responding to my comments. And I always reread my comments and edit them before I post them, so I do take some time to write them.

          So please take your time. I don’t mind waiting. I would rather read a thought out response, most of the times, than something on the fly, or three sentences put together. I check the blog regularly, so eventually I will see your response, I hope. If you are responding to an old post of mine, please be kind enough to let me know what thread it was on. You also have my email address, so you could also drop me a line there.

          Regarding the Song-Song couple, at first, a long while back, I didn’t think they were dating. However I noticed a few things as well, in their behavior and in how SJK was handling certain questions, and I got more suspicious. I have a good intuition as well, and I’m good at deducting things and at reasoning. So, how do we get to the KiKyo thread on Soompi? I am a member on Soompi, I just need to know where to go. I know of more things as well, I just didn’t mention them here.

          I’m happy for the Song Song couple. Obviously, the drama brought them a lot, things I have mentioned earlier. Also, because they are in their 30’s, it would be important that they date someone who would understand their world and lifestyle, and both would 😉 Just my two cents…

    • erika says:

      If that is true I will be glad but I wont put my heart into shipping hard on onscreen otp again.so far only been shipping two couple.hyun bin and song hye kyo and the other one mgy and kb.looka at them now broken up.its like a curse if ship one otp.hahaha.so I just wish and wait if there is one good news coming from them.

      • goodange goodange says:

        I’ve been a successful shipper so far, though, my last ship—Bae Doo Na and Jim Sturgess—did eventually break up, but at least, I was right about my hunch about them dating 😉

        My first real ship was Brad and Angie, and look how they are now. 😀

        If you guys only knew what I know about the Songs … LOL … then, you might be inclined to believe they’re dating, too. 😉 I just suggest visiting the KiKyo thread on Soompi. We are cautious and grounded shippers, but at the same time, there’s a rather solid basis for our shipping. 🙂

        But yes, I agree. I’ll wait until good news comes 🙂

  • Itenoria says:

    Oooh and let’s not forget Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye after Pinocchio. I shipped them so hard and somewhere deep down inside, I’m hoping that all those denials is just them not willing to admit to the rest of the world yet that they’re dating. *goesofftosulk*

  • Beez says:

    I still don’t believe he’s back yet. They showed her hallucinating him earlier and there was something very dream-like about that scene.

    And I’m so glad they finally put SHK in clothes that don’t make her look dumpy. She’s short-waisted yet they dress her so she looks chubby which she’s not at all.

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