“Descendants of the Sun”: Song Hye Kyo Hears Bad News About Song Joong Ki?


I had so hoped that the episode 15 spoiler stills that we’d be getting today would be of Mo Yeon and Shi Jin’s romantic campout, but nope, nope, nope. Production had to go with the grim ones!

Anyone care to guess why Mo Yeon seems so nervous and shaken in these stills?

As we’ve seen in the preview, this scene might be when Alpha Team member Snoopy delivers bad news about Shi Jin to Mo Yeon. My guess is he’s disappeared, and this will be the cliffhanger to drive us crazy for episode 16.

Damn you, show’s marketing people!




Source  |  sun.sun.2016 IG



  • sskuwair says:

    “Damn you, show’s marketing people!”
    LOL, this sentence has made my day 😀 Can’t wait for this episode and the finale!!

  • cidorta says:

    I can’t wait to see episode 15 tomorrow, hope that writer give us a good ending. Yesterday I saw a photo that shows SJ and MY back in Urk sitting on the shipwreck wearing casual clothes SJ was not in his uniform. It will be nice of the photo is real and not a dream sequence. Let’s wait and see.

  • mau says:

    Hi cidorta it was shown in an early episode when KMY is at overlooking thinking about YSJ

  • aya says:

    Can’t wait for this episode. If YSJ MIA what will happen at the finale.

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