New “Refresh Man” Episode 7 Preview

My favorite scene from the last episode was the flashback to their school dance.

The first thing I thought was:

“How much must it suck to wear your school uniform to a dance?!”

The second was:

“Oh my God, so much chemistry!”

I just loved how awkward they were with each other and how they constantly averted their gazes. Great acting and direction. And even the dialogue, with Wen Kai asking her to give her usual sarcastic talk a rest for the night. And the fact she was waiting for him. How cute! She certainly liked him to some degree back then but I don’t know if she was aware that those feelings could have been romantic.

My other favorite scenes were:

  1. Wen Kai getting a cake and gift for Aisha. I know some people have already begun to tire of her but I like that he’d prepared something for her. As it stands, I still find her harmless but hope they give her more to work with in upcoming weeks, and I don’t mean by making a her an evil second lead.
  2. Yu Tang getting a contract with YOURS. Despite that salty, rejected fool’s best efforts, she succeeded. Hard work and the right attitude can yield positive results.

I was also glad to see that Team 3 is evolving. I love that they defended and did their best to protect Yu Tang and that their attitudes towards work have begun to mature.


Wen Kai is in full jealousy mode but I still want Yu Tang and Zhi Yu to date for a bit. He’s a little boring but so what? I think they are cute together plus he drives Wen Kai up the wall which is a big plus. I do, however, want to see more evolution in our OTP’s relationship. Being her secret knight is all well and good but I think it’s time we move on from that. I like that she let the audience know that she was only mean to him to encourage him to be his best self. I hope that means she’ll be understanding when she realizes that he’s now doing the same.

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  • houstontwin says:

    I look forward to Refresh Man every week. I love it that the second leads are kind, sincere people.

    Can anyone tell me if “refresh man” is an idiom? Does it just mean starting over?

  • mumof3 says:

    This is the only show i am currently watching now. Enjoying it tremendously! The leads make me smile sillily😆

  • Gug says:

    P corresponds to the desire Tnard two weeks in a week I can not bear this episode is really annoying, I was so excited for this episode 😭💣🐢

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