Stills for upcoming drama Entertainer

Hyeri is in the running for the most shippable character for this year. I can easily see something blooming between either Ji Sung or Min Hyuk’s character, which make me half expect a love triangle (ship wisely). Turns out though that Min Hyuk will be playing Hyeri’s sibling therefore if there is a love triangle it will most likely be between Chae Jung An, Ji Sung and Hyeri.  From these stills, one could surmise that Ji Sung will be trying to recruit Min Hyuk, what are the chances that Min Hyuk will be a musical child prodigy? It is also likely that Ji Sung will just stumble upon Hyeri’s talent during one of her 4 part time jobs.


  • Teleri says:

    ???? I see TWO actresses, both with age-appropriate actors. I DON’T see any love triangles here, and hopefully won’t in the drama cause I’m very over them.

    • rinchan76 says:

      Actually it’s too early to tell since nothing has aired. At first I thought the same as you, however there was a relationship chart that was floating around on the web that shows Min Hyuk having a one-sided love with Hyeri, and Chae Jung An having a one-sided love for Ji Sung. Where as Ji Sung and Hyeri have a reciprocal love line. Honestly I won’t count anything out when it comes to a romance between Hyeri and Ji Sung since it’s been done before (ex: IU and Jo Jung Suk or Rain and Krystal). However since Min Hyuk is just a sibling I can’t be totally confident that the love triangle won’t happen.

      But let me reiterate it is too early too tell, but based on the teasers and stills the production team may elect to go that direction or they may leave it as a mentor-mentee thing, but we gotta watch to find out.

  • Mil says:

    Minhyuk plays her brother. I hope not!!

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