“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 16 Select Clips

I’m holding off on my denial that DOTS aired its final episode today because there’s still something to anticipate next week: The 3-night specials 🙂

But damn it! I wouldn’t have minded if this show had 20 episodes to begin with rather than 16. 🙁 Maybe the plot would have been fleshed out more and the flow between episodes more seamless.

Anyway, the finale glossed over the specifics of Dae Young and Shi Jin’s survival. That’s disappointing, but I also appreciate that there’s more focus on their reunion with their girls and their friends. Still …

In all, this episode has been pretty mellow … though, there’s nothing toned down about Myeong Joo’s suggestive footsie with Dae Young. LOL.

The closing scene … I think it could have just ended with our OTP kissing, but instead it ends on a parody-like scene of our OTPs and the medical team off to save the day. Aaah, that final scene just doesn’t fit … It might make more sense when I watch this episode with subs …

I’d like to say more, but I’ll save those for later today … Right now, I’m off to work. 🙁 Ugh, I don’t want to go! I just want to stay home and nurse my withdrawals!



The boys are in serious shit here with their girls …


The girls get even!


GooWon or Dae Young & Myeong Joo deserve their own show …


And the Songs / Shi Jin and Mo Yeon have a nice loooong kiss. I love the hugs, but kisses are better … And no dead fish kiss here, folks!



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  • Mhryu says:

    Wow… this is very fast update when the show only ended about 30 minutes ago. Happy that it is a good ending. Funny ending as well as it is very creative to end it with volcano erupting when both team attending dinner… And how quickly everyone geared up to head off for the rescue mission.

  • kpp says:

    Lol that ending!!! Whyyyy. This show has certainly been an interesting ride. Wow, I’m still speechless. Wow, just wow. Are there really volcanoes in Canada? And then breaking the fourth wall, in this drama? That’s nots out of place at all. Ok I’ll stop now. (Really he just comes back from the dead like nothing? No one else knew? Then you FaceTime him like it’s not a miracle? Sorry, I’m done now.)

    Good points on the finale: very unpredictable and entertaining, everyone has a happy ending, and pretty, oh so pretty.

    Thank you for the always quick updates. You’ve been a loyal fan and supporter of this show, and it was fun reading your commentary. On to the BTS!

  • Ivoire says:

    Just got done watching episode 16, raw. Will be waiting for the subs. Hum… yeah, after that looooong kiss, would definitely not be surprised if those two are dating. It was nice seeing everyone back on my screen, Blekie and Fatima included. I wish I had seen LCH’s baby and wife. I wonder why they didn’t show them.

    I will save the rest of my comments for later. Thank you for the quick updates. SJK is very charming, I can see why China had those warnings to women. And no forced kisses in this drama, thank goodness. I hate those.

  • aya says:

    도움이 날 DOTS가 종료되었습니다

  • erika says:

    yeah it’s end. if its in Japan,Indonesia and rest of asia then earthquake will be possible. except with their romance this drama full of impossible and crack but still fun to watch. haha I would love if song song become real but I wont put my hope high, my heart already hurt from withdraw. thanks for update. now waiting for subs

    • goodange says:

      Read up the over 300 pages on Soompi’s KiKyo thread, and you might re-think that hope 🙂 The shipping for the Songs is not wholly unfounded or delusional.

  • Ivoire says:

    300 pages?!!!! They sound like real detectives over there 🙂 Are they? 🙂 I guess the Song Song can’t hide 🙂

    • goodange says:

      LOL. They have a future at Dispatch. Let me tell you! LOL. They’re really awesome. The anchors of that thread are not what you would call a stereotypical shipper. They are very intelligent, articulate, and they think. They might speculate at times and have fun being deluded. However, they make sure that people know that as they don’t want the speculations and delusions to blow up and have them be mistaken as fact. They are careful about what they post, and unfortunately, we do have lurkers who will steal them and pass them around as fact. The shippers on that thread also try to protect both Joong Ki and Hye Kyo. They remind fans not to harass them and their friends with questions on their IG accounts. I can go on and on about the shippers there 🙂

      But yes, people there have done their work, and as I said, because of all the amassed “clues,” the shippers aren’t all that delusional. There’s actually some basis for our optimism 😉

  • Ivoire says:

    Oh okay, thank you! 🙂

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