“Descendants of the Sun” Finale Stills + Candids (UPDATED)


We’re not the only ones feeling wistful about the show’s ending. The people involved in its making must also be feeling nostalgic as they’ve shared their own personal candid photos from the set. It speaks to their devotion to the show and affection for their crew and cast mates.

Aaah! I’m so going to miss you, DOTS! I’ve had bad withdrawals, but it’s going to take a painfully long time to recover from this one.




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  • Kuznets Velikij says:

    Just finished episode 16. For all the comments regarding plot line and stuff, and I was one of those who was somewhat disappointed (13-15) – the ending was perfect! Simply Perfect!

  • Itenoria says:

    That ending was perfection. I feel all warm and gooey inside. Warm and gooey. DOTS was what warm and cozy was going for and failed spectacularly.

  • gil says:

    Me encanto este drama. Excelente

  • Emma Alojipan says:

    DOTS, the best k-drama i’ve ever watch, i hope there will be part 2 with same cast

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