“Love at Seventeen” Episode 3 Preview

Gosh, this Taiwanese drama is so adorable! I stumbled upon it last week and after two episodes, I am loving it. It’s one of those nostalgic dramas (hello, electronic organizer) where a group of high school friends break up for some reason then reunite in the future for more drama.

Our male lead is He Hao Yi who reunites with his twin sister and mother after his father dies. He is understandably upset and bitter upon arriving in Taipei because his father reached out to his ex-wife shortly after he fell sick but she never responded, thus, he didn’t get the chance to see his daughter one last time before he passed on.

Our female lead is Ah Li Si, a bright girl being raised by a single mom. She’s the first person Hao Yi sees and also his victim as he tortures her, thinking she’s his sis. And like five seconds upon learning of his mistake, he shoots her love bullets with his eyes. These dramas don’t hesitate to squeeze in a little faux incest when they can, do they? Just kidding because it doesn’t quite happen like I’ve implied.

Then there’s his twin, Lui Xiao Fen, and the school queenka, Bai Su Lei, to finish up their little foursome. I love how the three girls quickly took to Hao Yi and made him part of their group. As they said, a little brother (by six minutes!) to one of them is a little brother to all. Hey, I warned you about the fauxcest, didn’t I?

But on a more serious note, I really like how the romance between He Hao Yi and Ah Li Si is unfolding. It’s quite organic and their chemistry is fabulous. I can’t believe they got me rooting for them this much in only two episodes.

There’s a fifth not-quite-a-member of their group in the form of fake ugly boy, Song Han Ming/”Peter”, who’s Su Lei’s secret admirer. Why do I have a feeling he’ll soon have a thing for Ah Li Si because she’s the only person nice to him?

Episode 2 has already tossed conflict into the group which makes me wonder how soon the flash forward will be.

I love how delightful it is and how the OTP already like each other but haven’t yet gotten the nerve to confess their feelings. And how Hao Yi is being such a high school guy using cute tricks to get close to her. And how they are both genuinely sweet people. The same applies to the friendship between the three girls where they really care a lot for each other, even if Su Lei buys into her own hype a little.

Anyway, I need more now! The long preview hinted at some potential tragedy in the flash forward but I hope it’s a fake out or that any illness any character has is not terminal.

The preview:

I won’t bother to guess what could possibly have been going on in that tent but as I know that Ah Li Si and that kingka have barely spoken three words to each other so far, I know there’s a good explanation. But perhaps it will be what leads our Hao Yi to finally confess his feelings. We’ll see.

Love at Seventeen airs every Saturday on TTV.

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