Rain for Cosmopolitan Korea

It seems that fug Louis Vuitton top will be making the rounds this May because not only does Song Joong Ki withstand it for Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Rain also sullies his hotness with it for next month’s issue of Cosmopolitan Korea. At least, his handsomeness distracts you from the questionable attire, and his outfits in the other spreads are not bad.




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  • Beez says:

    Ok. I’m assuming that when Korean stars go on these photo shoots, they have no say-so about what they’ll wear. (I’m basing that assumption on the So Ji-sub spread in that floral short set with the black tights and Eddie Munster bangs.) But why don’t I ever see American celebrities in this horrid ridiculous git-ups?

    And I am very fashion forward. I have a degree in fashion and realize it is VERY subjective but can I just say in the professional vernacular – ugh.

    I actually am open to even ugly fashion, and could go along with the “pajama look” in the right setting and if, say, Rain’s collar wasn’t buttoned all the way up to his neck. If that shirt were left completly unbuttoned (or even with a “wife-beater T” shirt under it), it would create an entirely less uncool pj’s look.

  • Greentea says:

    Rain is perfect in anything <3

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