Song Hye Kyo’s Post-DOTS Press Meet: Interview Tidbits & Pics (UPDATED 4x)


On April 20, Song Hye Kyo held a press meet at the Jongno-gu Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul. This is her first one since her hit show Descendants of the Sun aired its final episode last week. Today, the drama’s first special airs, and there are two more to look forward to in the next couple of days! 🙂

To read a transcript of Korea Times’ interview with Song Hye Kyo, go here. Korea Herald’s interview can be read here. and Yonhap News Agency’s English article is here.

Meanwhile, a massive THANK YOU to joongkyo and khxy (from the Song-Song shippers’ thread on Soompi) as they’ve also provided translations of Song Hye Kyo’s interview answers (from other news outlets)!

  • Song Joong Ki is kind, honest, polite and has nice manners.
  • Although he is her junior in acting, she feels like she has learnt a lot from him.
  • She complimented Joong Ki’s behaviour as being good from the beginning to the end, never losing his cool and showing his temper to people.
  • It is rare to find someone like him in terms of his consideration towards staff and crew amongst actors these days.
  • She spoke about the ideal or “doll” type scene (which is Song Joong Ki’s new favorite scene). She almost died (embarrassing). If she were in her 20s, she would have said the dialogue without any difficulty, but she feels embarrassed calling herself doll, beauty, etc. in her 30s.
  • She is very happy and she read all news regarding herself and all the casts.
  • Before the interview, she was having a meal with some of the casts/crew. She is not very busy nowadays.
  • She watched the last episode with some of her colleagues in the office. After watching, she thought back about the filming process while drinking wine.
  • She said her idea regarding marriage continues to change—whether to get married or not is constantly on her mind. But at the end of the day she wants to get married.
  • Hye Kyo especially felt extremely proud of how popular SJK was in Hong Kong. Girls in school uniforms were screaming OPPA and running after him. She laughed and said, it was so overwhelming that she felt like a proud mom. (Translator’s notes: … Don’t take the word mother seriously—she meant maternal which is an emotion one of us can feel for anyone—friend of the same gender or opposite gender, also can be felt for someone you are romantically involved with.) SHE MEANT SHE WAS EXTREMELY PROUD OF HIM.
  • She laughed and said that her *couple bracelet* was actually a hair band. She felt that people might have misunderstood it to be a couple bracelet while watching the drama.
  • When they shot the kiss scene she treated it like a professional actor and didn’t think too much of it. It was as normal as breathing and it was playing a character. However she was surprised when she was herself on tv – She thought, so I had this kind of expression on my face while kissing.
  • Hye Kyo added, “I feel proud that all the actors i that have worked with  became Hallyu Star. Song Joong Ki feels happy and fulfilled too as he receives so much love.”
  • What are you doing these days? SHK: The drama ended on a good note, I am relaxing and enjoying myself these days.
  • The lead pair’s performance? SHK: This drama has made many women fans of Song Joong Ki, which is a thing to be happy about/celebrate. I had fun reading the script when I first saw it but I knew immediately that it needed a male actor who would be able to do justice to the role. Therefore, Song Joong Ki had to carry the burden of the show. Because of him, I think I was also able to present a good preformance.
  • What is the secret of your amazing chemistry with all your male actors? SHK: I can’t say that it was all me and take all the credit, it was the effort of so many people – the male actor acting opposite me helped to paint that beautiful image of us. The staff helped us to create that beautiful imagery.
  • Regarding her ideal type. SHK: I feel that we must have the same hobby/interest such as love for food ,travelling or that we are alike in many other aspects that make us a good pair. If we have same liking, then we will be happier.I also hope that we can communicate well and respect each other work.
  • Would you date a man like Yoo Shi Jin? SHK: Honestly I would be afraid if a man like Yoo Shi Jin would were my boyfriend but I also think I would overcome that fear because of the power of love. Many people didn’t like that Kang Mo Yeon rejected Yoo Shi Jin in the beginning and questioned her reasons, but I could identify with her fears and apprehensions. Kong Mo Yeon finally shows her real heart to him in the end so that was good. If I were Kang Mo Yeon, I too would begin the relationship with a lot of insecurities and fears.
  • Your personal favourite scene, a one that made you excited? SHK: I think it would be the “Should I confess or should I apologise ” scene. That scene was done well, and I, too, felt a little excited … Song Joong Ki’s acting and his vocal tone in that scene was very good.
  • Thoughts on Jin Goo. SHK: Jingoo Oppa and I had worked on a drama together in the past, All In. I am happy that we got this opportunity to work together again … also, it seems Jin Goo oppa is also very happy these days—y’know ever since he started his Instagram account. (Then she laughed at her own joke!) Since I’ve seen him show a more manly personality, I didn’t think he would be interested in such things like Instagram … but when I saw his posts—seeing how he appeared all lovable/adorable in his posts, I was taken aback.
  • Song Hye Kyo on Song Joong Ki becoming a Hallyu Star. SHK: He is kind and has good manners, we shot the drama for over 6 months. Honestly, it would have been normal to complain sometimes, but he maintained his good/professional side from the beginning to the ending. He perfectly portrayed the male character in the drama. Also, he’s a very charismatic/cool friend. He took care of the whole staff, even the junior most people.
  • On Yoo Ah In’s and Lee Kwang Soo’s cameos. SHK: I thank my cool brother Yoo Ah In for his cameo in DOTS, and also LKS for his cameo; both of them added colors to the drama. I am grateful.
  • How does it feel to play a character that is a girl-crush to many people? SHK: Honestly, Kang Mo Yeon had to show more tomboyish characteristics which is why female fans seem to appreciate her. She’s easygoing and laid-back. I felt great satisfaction to be able to play Kang Mo Yeon; since Kang Mo Yeon’s character doesn’t require strict image monitoring, it was a lot of fun!
  • On how she the actress lives her life. SHK: It’s still the same as in the past. I’m someone who has always had a large group of friends/social circle. However, with age, I do think/weigh things more carefully than in my younger age. But in essence, it’s the same … when I am having a hard time, then I cry. If I want to relieve stress, then I enjoy a drink by myself, and sometimes, I travel … When I’m annoyed, like other people I get angry. Being an entertainer doesn’t really change my feelings from any other woman of my age group.
  • About the dating rumor. SHK: Honestly, we’ve had many meals together. In NYC there were many people, and we just happened to meet, therefore, we had a meal together. (My notes: Per Soompi and a Korean article, Song Joong Ki had given her a call to meet up while she was in NYC.) I also had meals with many more people, not just Joong Ki-ssi. After all, we’ve worked together for 6 months, can’t we be having a meal together? I think this whole thing started because of the couple bracelets—mine was a hair band.*Laughs* I want to thanks Yoo Ah In and Lee Kwang Soo. Lee Kwang Soo who was there in the very beginning and Yoo Ah In who came towards the end of DOTS. I am so very grateful to the two of you.
  • What are SHK’s future plans? SHK: I want to meet all of  you (audience) with different characters. Just like how male actors get to play a varied characters, I would also like to play characters that people don’t normally see female actors portraying on screen.




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  • aya says:

    she’s beautiful

    • goodange says:

      Yep. I think she’s pretty much close to perfection inside and out, and that is incredibly rare.

      • Isabell Chen says:

        Is that the reason, Song Hye Kyo’s still having many haterful comments because they’re jealous with her.

  • erika says:

    Yup so beautiful.that is why I love her since back then.she just great inside and outside

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    I need the video of this interview pleaseee. Want to see the video with eng sub 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    She is otherworldy beautiful. I’m girl-crushing hard right now. LOL.
    I think she’s truly an epitome of inner beauty. Her answers and how she carries herself show how honest and humble she is.
    I truly wish the best for her, in life and love.

  • Isabell Chen says:

    How can I missed this enterview by English translation and with SHK’s beautiful photos?
    Thanks for everyone!
    Song Hye Kyo’s my first favorite Korean actress. Movie ‘My Brilliant Life’ is my first ‘meet’ with Song Hye Kyo(2014). Then search all her dramas and movies. Love her acting then could not enjoy with other actress’s acting.
    If my English is good then wishing be a reporter, having Song Hye Kyo’s name on my reports with positive article!
    Best wish for beautiful Song Hye Kyo!
    Waiting for her marriage’s news is more important than her next project, CF or magazine’s photoshoot.

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    If I can send a message to Song Hye Kyo, here is:
    Good health always and love her own life(family with husband and chidren).
    Is she 34? Time goes fast! It’s time to put marriage, first then next …..

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    Love love love Hye kyo. Hope we can see you more often in the screen (tv series and movie). I hope and pray you’ll meet soon your one and only love ❤

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