“Descendants of the Sun” Special Part 3 Clips

There is hope for fans as KBS is planning to make a DOTS 2, but it’s not a sequel, and possible stories are still being discussed with the writers. Likewise KBS is being realistic because while the actors are looking favorably at this plan, the script still needs to persuade them.

However, today really, truly marks the end of Descendants of the Sun as the third special has been aired … Huhuhuhu … Why?!!! I need more of you! I don’t mind that I’ve lost weight because my daily consumption of anything DOTS and Song-Song has been literally filling me up; seriously, I haven’t been eating properly because the show and the Songs have been my source of inspiring energy.  don’t mind the sleep deprivation. And I don’t mind that I sound like I’ve lost it completely and need to get my life back. HAHAHA.

As the previous specials were highlights from all 16 episodes, this third one is a special behind-the-scenes look with the cast, and you will be laughing to pieces! People will also notice that the leads are very comfortable around each other, and while filming, there were no use of formalities or honorifics between them. During the table read, Song Joong Ki rubs his head on Song Hye Kyo’s shoulder when reading the line “I want a melodrama with you, but it’s always a blockbuster” (Credit to melissala from Soompi and @HasiSpeaks_). Heeehee!





Sources  |  DramaKBS  |  Soompi, c/o melissala, joongkyo, & hclover96  |  @HasiSpeaks_  |  Credit to gif uploader



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