Song Hye Kyo Chills & Shares Extra “Descendants of the Sun” BTS Stills


Song Hye Kyo‘s been vacationing in Thailand, but it seems she still misses her time on the set of Descendants of the Sun 🙂

On her Instagram, the actress just posted two new BTS stills of her and Song Joong Ki filming their characters’ reunion scene in episode 15/16.

As she also just spent time with her cast mates recently, I have no qualms assuming that she’s feeling nostalgic. At the same time, she must have also felt encouraged by her fans’ massive message of love and support amidst some stormy happenings lately in the strange world of fanatics. As Soompi-er geronimoooo pointed out, showing her strength and contentment by sharing these DOTS photos is her way of rewarding her fans and allaying their worries.  🙂

If before she wasn’t on my top 5 favorite K-actresses, then now, she’s moved up to my top 3.

And gaaaaah! I miss DOTS!




Sources  |  Soompi KiKyo thread, c/o airplanepls_ & geronimoooo  |  kyo1122 IG



  • Beez says:

    Wow! In that black & white photo, it looks like she had no makeup on (other than maybe some lipstick) and she looks even better than she did in DOTS!

    Although granted, they probably did downplay her makeup in DOTS because she needed to appear disheveled much if the time. Regardless, (and I know I’m staying the obvious) that is a naturally beautiful woman.

    If only she’d hire a better stylist. I often hear other fans mistakenly call her fat. But it’s just the types of dresses she wears do nothing to complement her curvy-ness.

  • erika says:

    May I know what stormy happenings lately to shk?

    • goodange says:

      Better to visit her actress thread on Soompi for information 🙂 I’d rather not share it here … Sorry.

      • erika says:

        I know now. Why is everytime she in high peek people start to take her down buy doing this.poor girl. So hard to be her. Wonder what have she done to deserved this kind of treatment.

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