“The Master of Revenge” Episode 3 Preview

Also known as “Master: God of Noodles.”

I have to admit to laughing upon reading the synopsis for this drama. Like, he’s taking revenge via noodles? Regardless, with nothing to watch, I found myself checking out the drama and so far, so good.

I thought Baro was pretty good as the young Kim Gil Do. His take was quite different from what someone like Lee Joon would do but I think it fits the grown up character. While he’s depraved and evil, I think that most of all, this psycho is selfish. So he doesn’t hesitate to kill people and steal their identities because all he cares about is what’s he’s getting out of it. And these people are simply obstacles to him.

But is it not crazy that so far, both men who’ve learned of his past tried to protect him but he just saw them as potential problems and eliminated them? Really crazy dude.  And how funny is it that a restaurateur is some sort of don? I fully expect him to be running some illegal businesses too.

I didn’t read much about this drama before watching it so I was surprised by the random girl who popped up to steal soy sauce. Who is she and how does she fit in this story? I suppose we’ll find out next week. And there’ll be a romance with Tae Ha, right? Am I the only one who’s still wigged out by his character in Signal? I scream at any woman he’s in a scene with to run the hell away! LOL. It’s crazy because I’m sure he’s not evil here but my brain keeps telling me he is.

It’s early days and I’m not yet interested in the romance but I hope that changes as we get to know the characters better. All I’m wondering now is when the orphanage director will tell Gil Do about Moo Myung. I feel he’s hatefully refusing to do so because he doesn’t want him to have a better life. Which is one of the few times that someone’s petty hatefulness might be a blessing.

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  • Itenoria says:

    I’m so totally loving this drama so far. And gosh, Gil Do is terrifying. But at the same time, all I can think is, he keeps getting rid of those who discover his secrets and want to protect him, meaning that somebody some day would discover them and be able to use them against him. I sincerely hope that is what happens. I also hope his downfall will be spectacular :D.

    Oh, and Lee Joon wasn’t offered the role of young Gil Do. He was to play Moo Ayung which is the role presently being played by Chun Jung Myung.

    • Itenoria says:

      Oops. Sorry, I meant Lee Je Hoon to play Moo Myung. I didn’t hear of Lee Joon being offered any role.

      • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

        Hahaha. Yes, his downfall will be epic and I can’t wait for it. LOL. It will probably be a while before that happens.

        Oh and I was just comparing Baro’s take on a psycho to what Lee Joon did in Gap Dong.

        • Itenoria says:

          Oops. My bad. Lol. I still haven’t seen Gap Dong yet. Have some friends who didn’t like it all that well and that put me off it. Do you recommend it?

          Yeah, the downfall is going to take a while. Taking down someone like Gil Do has to, and I don’t mind waiting. What I hope is that the bring about his downfall slowly and painfully, not a rip the band aid all at once but a hank off one hand then the other then the legs way. Cripple him financially, mentally, emotionally and then physically. Do I sound mean? Lol.

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