Harper’s Bazaar China Has Love for Song Joong Ki, Too


As some of you are aware, Song Joong Ki won’t just be featured in Harper’s Bazaar Korea. He’s got more than enough of himself to go around, gracing the upcoming pages of Harper’s Bazaar China, too 🙂 I expect more spreads will be trickling in 🙂

Ugh, I crush harder on him every time he’s got a new pictorial!




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  • sara says:

    me too ,so cute and sexy 😍 like him since nice guy and glad he become so popular so I can hear about him more😁

  • Beez says:

    I got my hair cut into his style last week (quite dramatic as it was just below my waist).

    Not because I’m a fan(atic) (which I am), it’s just a cute haircut. I took pictures to my hair dresser of Lee Min Ho’s Personal Taste hair and Song Joon ki and we decided to go with the sides and back ALMOST completely shaved (as it tapers to the back of the skull/nape) with the understanding that as it grows out some, we’ll go for the LMH next time. lol at myself – a black woman, over 50, getting a Korean man’s hair cut.

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