“Love at Seventeen” Episode 5 Preview

I found Episode 4 better than the previous one. I suppose because the show’s magic lies in scenes with our OTP and we got a great sequence from when Hao Yi followed her in the bus till they parted ways after dinner. I love that he was unable to get her drunk and that he quickly confessed that he’d gone to meet her 13 years ago and that he missed her.

What make me scratch my head is how ridiculous her friends have been! Lei Lei was unreasonably cruel over “Peter” given how much Ai Li Si had done for her, even getting her father’s cheer recorded for her swim race. And Hao Yi’s sister completely forgot about her! She didn’t even have any personal beef with her but followed Lei Lei like a dog.

But how hilarious and very drama-coincident that four of them are now working at the same company.

It was an easy guess that Peter was the person behind Ai Li Si’s breakfast deliveries and I suppose he likes her now. It kind of makes sense as she was the only one who cared about him in high school.

I thought he might still harbor feelings for Lei Lei but it looks like right now, he just wants to torture her and see the egg on her face when she realizes that she’s lusting after the man she rejected in high school. But as these things go, I kinda still see him eventually ending up with her. We’ll see though.

It looks like we’re about to dive headfirst into Ai Li Si’s health problems.

I hope this won’t be a tragedy.

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  • Nelly says:

    Al igual que tu, también estoy esperando el próximo capitulo y desde luego me parece de lo mas ingrato que las “mejores amigas” la hayan olvidado, aplaudo el hecho que fue Peter, el único que estuvo con ella durante todo ese tiempo; esperemos como se sigue desarrollando la historia; lastima que se demoren mucho los capítulos.

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