“Descendants of the Sun” Photo Essay Scans + Song Joong Ki’s KT GiGA LTE Video Ads


The above song … that song describes how I’m feeling right now about Descendants of the Sun! I miss seeing Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, and the rest of the cast for at least a couple of hours on the screen every week! *Sniffs*

As I said, I’ll have a long recovery from my addiction. 🙁 I can’t quit it now! LOL.

The photo essay won’t be easing me out of it either. LOL.

Check out some scans from the book!

Also, take a gander at Song Joong Ki’s KT GiGA LTE ads! His voice is buttah!

*Note: As you all will notice, I didn’t slap on a tag or watermark on these scans. Why? Because these stills truly belong to photographer Lim Hyo Seon and production company NEW. However, I am trusting in the honesty of folks by giving Couch Kimchi credit for scanning these images if they are taken and shared elsewhere. Thank you!



KT GiGA LTE CF feat. Song Joong Ki



Sources  |  Soompi, c/o Chelsea  |  올레 (Olleh)


  • Beez says:

    I don’t know what he’s selling but I’m buying.

    He looks so sad in the top video, the look in his eyes makes me think of The Werewolf Boy.

  • SOSsy says:

    Aw, I just love checking in with you daily. You always deliver Joongkie! He’s been all over the place lately, I just hope he’s getting enough rest!

    Beez, I’d buy my own name from him!

  • Beez says:

    LOL @ Sossy

    To the people who are always saying he looks “feminine” or “like a girl”. I am someone who goes absolutely gaga over Alpha males, macho, swagger (all the things that our kdrama chabeouls are which would make them irredeemable butts in real life. (Personal experience talking…but I digress.)

    My point is, if anyone looks closely at this man – yes, he is very cute – naturally cute, but he is nowhere near as “flower”y as most of the actors that have become so popular in the last few years. (naming no names)

    Look at his hands and shoulders. His shoulders are always large no matter whether he’s bulked up or not. Check out A Werewolf Boy which he made pre-military buffness and you’ll see. This guy is all dude. lol

    • SOSsy says:

      Beez! Nicely put!
      We all agree he’s no alpha male. He himself said so.
      But you’re right – he’s no flower boy either. To me, he’s just your (not-so) average joe, who happens to have fantastic complexion, drown-in-them eyes, broad-enough shoulders, a voice that sends my ovaries spinning and acting chops. Not drop-dead gorgeous but he’s cute with that everyday charm.
      Plus, he feels like someone you could get to know versus say, some other actor, who will just always be someone you adore from afar. I hope you get what I mean but I’m probably not making sense to you..haha.

      • Beez says:

        Nope, Sossy – Perfect sense. That seemingly approachability/down-to -earthness is probably why he reminds me of Gong Yoo when he was younger https://usercontent2.hubstatic.com/10085329_f520.jpg

        And it speaks to his acting skills that he could play the ultimate flower boy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, yet make us believe he’s Big Boss as well. Excuse me while I go have my deep sigh which happens everytime I picture Big Boss standing with his hands on his army utility belt.

        • SOSsy says:

          Ooo Gong Yoo, I crushed on him too! heh
          But it wasn’t as ovary-exploding nor spontaneous combustioning as my Joongkie. Gong Yoo made me want to look after him but with Joongkie, I want to be looked after ;-P
          And I get you – sigh away. He looked (too) young in his earlier pics and I sort of felt a twinge of guilty spazzing. But whoa post-army Joongkie looks MAN and good in EVERY photo even when he’s not posing. I seriously break into a smile and melt into goo every time I see him on screen.
          I want my sons to grow up looking like Joongkie even! The hubs thinks I’m mad…

          • Beez says:

            Your sons! lol. How about myself! I think it was this site that I posted to that 2 weeks ago, I got my butt length hair cut like SJK, including the little bit that swooshes over his right temple (but mine’s on the left).

            And guilt over fangirling? I’m going on 57 in a couple of months. lolololol

            • SOSsy says:

              Yowza! Your hair! With the almost trademark temple swoosh even – you win for being SJK fan of the year! If you ever feel comfortable sharing a photo, I would love to see it!
              And here I thought you were one of them younglings! We’re of the same generation, I’m 47. Guess this just makes fangerling all that more of a guilty pleasure eh?

              • Beez says:

                The funny thing is, that hair temple swoosh has been around a lonnnnng time. Whenever I go radically short like this, I’ve added it so the cut wouldn’t look quite so little boy-ish. So as far back as the 80’s, I’ve done it but I copied it originally from Nancy Kwan’s look in “The World of Suzie Wong”, a movie probably made in the 1960’s.

                • SOSsy says:

                  I love short hair but unfortunately do not have the features to carry it off. I tried it many times in my youth and always regretted it. Been sporting long hair for the last 20+ years or so now. I do want to try something shorter once I hit the big five O but even my hairdresser’s like ‘No, don’t do it’..
                  Well, I’ll be darned! You’re right about Suzie Wong, I never noticed the temple swoosh. Learn something everyday!

                  • Beez says:

                    Yeah, I look best with long hair framing my face. The benefit that I gain with having wash & go hair, I lose in that now I need full eye make up on just to go to the grocery store and not scare everybody! lol

                    • SOSsy says:

                      LOL, can’t be that bad Beez! Sometimes we’re just our own worst critics…
                      I have the added problem of thick, coarse hair with natural curls. Rebonding was invented with me in mind. No rebonding = helmet hair HA
                      Look at the two of us, how did we get from Joongkie spazzing to hair

                    • Beez says:

                      @Sossy – since our responses are getting narrower, look for my reply on this thread but not in direct response to this message. It’s probably making one long columnn of each letter at this point. 🙂

  • Zashi says:

    I have a feeling this SJK rage will be the death of my wallet. But hey, bring it on. Any product were buying right.

  • Beez says:

    @Sossy – …because I love his hair? SJK, Song Seung Heon, and Kim Bum (Beom?). I love the texture of their hair. Although I think SJK ‘s texture may be a bit coarser? I’m not sure as I’ve never seen his hair with any length.
    Kim Bum and SSH on the other hand, both have this fine texture with an ever so slight wave (more like body) (I wonder if they get body wave perms or if it’s natural?)

    What is “rebonding”? Is that similar to a keratin treatment? I need to know because keratin made my B2-3 curls waaaaay too straight. I wanted straight hair all my life but the reapplication of keratin over the last 2 years gave it can-do-nothing-with-it-itis. That made the decision to cut it off easier. Nothing like fresh starts but I’m cured forever of wanting bone straight hair.

    • SOSsy says:

      Beez – From what I can tell, you’re right about SJK’s hair being of the coarser variety than the typical fine Asian-type hair. I hate to say this but I think he might be one of those that will have issues with dare-I-say-it, balding when he gets older.
      With KB and SSH, I do think they sometimes do a body perm cause I’ve seen them with ramrod straight hair (that I so covet).
      Straight and manageable – That’s what rebonding’s about, at least for me. It’s quite a stressful process for the hair and it’s recommended only once every 6 months, so I only do it once a year. The hair is treated with a relaxant then flat-ironed straight, then some sort of sealant is applied and wa la, straight hair. In the early days (~20 years ago), yes, some of my friends complained that their hair become too straight, although this was never an issue for me, given my hair texture and thickness. Nowadays, they have soft rebonding, which gives a more natural finish, retaining some slight natural waviness. Of course, we’re back to square one when new hair grows out. You can still style it, like I use a curling iron for special occasions etc but once you wash it, it goes back to straight, which I love.
      Before rebonding, I always kept my hair tied up since it was a bushy mess. Now, I can leave it down and flick my hair like those shampoo commercials haha
      I’m not sure what a keratin treatment is though. If you ever consider rebonding make sure your salon uses quality products (e.g. Shiseido) since it’s a chemical treatment. I am quite certain this is an Asian ‘invention’ (from either Japan or Korea) and I’m presuming you’re not (Asian), so I’m not sure if your hair texture can take it, I would suggest you speak to a qualified stylist before you try this. Hope I helped?!

    • SOSsy says:

      Beez! I can’t believe my reply got eaten!
      Aargh, let’s see if I remember what I said
      From what I can tell you’re right, SJK seems to have coarser hair. I think KB and SSH do occasionally get body perms because I’ve seen them with ramrod straight hair.
      I’ve not done keratin treatment but rebonding is a Godsend! Relaxant is applied to the hair, so that it can be ‘shaped’, in this case, flat-ironed. Then some sort of sealant is applied and wa la! straight hair. It’s pretty harsh on the hair and it recommended usage is no more than twice a year, which is why I only rebond my hair once a year. When it was still relatively new, some of my friends did complain that their hard ended up too straight and flat. But I had no such issues since I have alot of hair and there was still some volume. Nowadays, the technique has been refined, and there’s an alternative for those who still want volume and some waviness – soft rebonding. You can still style your hair – I use a curling iron for special occasions – but it goes back to straight after a wash. I love it!
      I used to have to tie my hair up all the time because it was a messy bush but I can now let it down, flick it like a shampoo commercial even HAHA

      • SOSsy says:

        Geez, it appeared again! Sorry Couch Kimchi admins! 😐

      • Beez says:

        I’ll have to research “rebonding” (I’ll tried everything, may as well give that a go). The keratin was wonderful. ..at first. It made my hair look exactly the same (which meant I kept my curls) with the big exception being my hair never frizzed in humidity. The problem was, when i went in for My second treatment, I asked my stylist “shouldn’t you only put it on the news growth?” She insisted “no”. Well the answer is “YES!” Note to self: Always trust what you know that you know that you know. *sigh*

        So Sossy, how do you deal with new growth in between treatments? Does it reach a point of looking a bit rough around the edges, or difficult to handle? Any breakage while you wait it out?

        • SOSsy says:

          I asked several stylists about following rebonding treatments and they all told me, it had to be applied to the whole head of hair, not just the new growth. The top section will of course be slightly wavy and the section near the ears are especially affected between treatments. Sometimes, it can be obvious. As I mentioned, I have a lot of hair so the weight sort of holds everything down and in my case, it’s not that bad. On days that I can’t take it, I just tie everything all up. I always wait 10 months to a year before I go for the next session but I have friends who do it every 6 months. Some breakage happens but I do home leave-in treatments on my own regularly, so it’s still manageable. When I feel my ends are dry, I just go for a trim. For me, it’s really a godsend – so many hair disasters in my youth, and always before important occasions!

          • Judith Boyer says:

            Sossy – be wary. If I were you, I would INSIST on only treating the new growth. That’s what I should’ve done. Granted, I have yet to experience rebonding, but like I said, before my first Keratin treatment, I knew re-treating the entire head was wrong (I worked in a hair salon and I’m a beauty school drop out from the 70’s). A lot has changed since then so I thought maybe the stylists knew what they were talking about. But now I wish I had listened to the online reviews that I read before my first treatment of people talking about loving it at first, but then getting stringy hair. I still would’ve gotten it done, and depending upon what I think after I investigate rebonding, it has been my plan to do keratin again once I grow out some hair. Only this time, I won’t let them apply it to the hair that’s been treated previously.

            Just stop and really think about it – any product can result in over processed hair. And you know, there’s only one cure for that – ✂ *snip snip*

            • SOSst says:

              Thank you very much for your concern Judith!

              Unfortunately, I’ve asked many saloons and many friends, but nobody’s heard of only rebonding the top section of hair (I’ve been rebonding my hair since 2000). My hair does get dry after rebonding but regular treatments seem to settle this. Plus, my hair was coarse and dry even before rebonding. I know at the end of the day, it is a chemical treatment, which is why I wait for a year before re-doing treatments. If anything, rebonding made my hair manageable. But yes, I will continue to ask around if section rebonding can be done 🙂 Thank you!

        • SOSsy says:

          Thought it would be easier if I showed a picture
          This is my hair now, my last rebonding was in late Oct, which is about 6 months ago. Ignore the white hair (I haven’t coloured my hair in a while), but you can see slight waves where the new hair is.

          • Beez says:

            It looks so healthy! Definitely gotta check it out. Should I be looking for Asian salons?

            I’m asking because I live in Florida and there are lots of Dominican salons here that specialize in keratin. When I advised family & friends back home to get keratin, no one up there knew how to do it and they couldn’t find salons that were familiar with it either. And based on the answers my sister’s stylist gave her (totally made up an answer which proved her ignorance), I wanted my sister to go to a Dominican salon.

            • SOSsy says:

              Guess that’s why I’m addicted? 🙂 My natural hair would never ever in a million years look like this. I literally wash and go, don’t even have to blow dry.

              If you could find one, I would suggest trying an Asian saloon? Korean or Japanese would be your best bet.

              Does keratin treatment have the same effect?

              • Embarassed Beez says:

                Reply to Sossy

                half got deleted

                I’m black with cursed hair that is neither typical of white or black hair. It’s somewhere in between. So like you mentioned, if it rained or was humid on special occasions, I was jacked! Good thing the 80’s were all about drama so a French roll or a big brimmed or jaunty hat didn’t look weird. (Especially with all the dramatic eye shadow and dark lipstick.) lol And at least big poufy hair was in then. Until recently, I’d found not many hairdressers knew what to do for my hair so cutting it into a boy’s cut is nothing new as a solution to many trials and misses.

                Keratin does not breakdown the bonds of the hair but instead coats it. So it retains the natural curl pattern (until one too many treatments) but it removes all frizz. So even the kinkiest hair looks more defined.

                Yes, you can wash & go or blow dry and/or hot iron curl it.

                Here’s my hair just before I cut it because it was looking so bad (admission – I’d just woken up and hadn’t combed it at all. It had air dried the day before. I took this pic just to show my sister the stringy parts and how thinned out the ends became and why I was going to cut it short). Kinda embarassed to post it.

                • SOSsy says:

                  Hey Beez
                  Nothing to be embarrassed about.
                  Actually, it’s not as bad as you say it is. But you’d probably have to tie it up all the time?
                  Your hair was curly, quite a lot of curls too! Natural? Isn’t keratin supposed to straighten hair? Or was this some time after keratin already? Even so, to have it back to so much curls that quickly?
                  Amazing that you decided to cut it all away! It’s a security thingy with me maybe?
                  I did a little bit of research and keratin is apparently a gentler treatment than rebonding, suitable for fine hair. And the effect’s supposed to last 3 months?
                  Maybe you can try it in the future when your hair’s longer. Just do regular salon/home treatments after and wait longer between sessions? But best to talk to a pro methinks…

  • Beez says:

    I answered most of your questions in my last response but you probably couldn’t see it because of how narrow our responses have become. (At least, they’re narrow in my screen because I’m on my phone. ) 🙂

    The effects on the hair last longer than 3 months though. It’s permanent until you strip it (which, once it becomes too straight from too many full head applications takes multiple tries of alternating between vinegar and shampoo with salt in it, which still barely gets some curl back). So the 3 months is more about the new growth needing retouching.

    Yeah, I plan to try again now that I know to insist on treating only the new growth. Thanks for the link. I’ll go check it out right now.

    • SOSsy says:

      This is getting curiouser by the minute?!
      Strip? You mean you can undo a keratin treatment? Interesting…
      As far as I know, you can’t undo rebonding because the hair structure has been permanently altered.
      Anyway, hope I helped in some way. I’m no expert, I just know what my hair needs 🙂
      Good luck Beez!
      When you eventually get down to your next try, and if you’re in the mood, let me know how it goes…

      • Beez says:

        Will do, Sossy. Now we’ll un-hijack Couch Kimchi’s thread.

        (One last thing, stripping ketatin – not easy or I wouldn’t have decided to drastically cut my hair. But I was able to get some curl back as you saw in that very first pic I sent you days ago that had a mix of curls, waves and stringy bits. You can’t just strip it once and voila. Every time I washed it for weeks I alternated using my concoctions.)

      • Beez says:

        @Sossy, before our final goodbye on this subject, I had posted with 4 links to pictures of my hair before and after keratin but the Couch Kimchi says it’s awaiting approval. Probably because of the multiple links. Anyway, just so you know and can watch for it to appear, I sent it early this morning before we signed off on this subject 🙂

        God bless!

  • Beez says:

    @Sossy Some of what the article said is incorrect about keratin. Here’s different stages of my hair
    1) Here is my hair naturally BEFORE keratin https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=7A3D40401AFA36F1!3422&authkey=!ABVS437UzdvwXOg&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
    The down side? It is gooped with a TON of gel while it’s wet to keep the curls/waves looking the way they look. Otherwise, when it dries naturally, it becomes a HUGE wild monstrosity.

    This is my natural hair after a wet set but the weather was humid so you can see how bad the dyed frizzy ends are, thus my go-to the pony tail (this picture was taken only a few days after the previous picture. I don’t know why the previous pic looks all completely red. Just a trick of the light, I guess) https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=7A3D40401AFA36F1!3421&authkey=!AJ7nfq_shG–58A&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

    Here is what my hair looked like immediately after keratin. It’s bone straight but only because they blow dry it and flat iron to make the keratin bond to the hair. They tell you don’t wash it for 3 days (once you wash it, your natural curl pattern is there but no frizz, more manageable, even on very kinky hair. I’ve recommended it to my sister who has kinky hair). https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=7A3D40401AFA36F1!3420&authkey=!AJ6BkraOzr-9QSw&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

    Here is a wet set after the 3 days post keratin https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=7A3D40401AFA36F1!3419&authkey=!AKMUlTEinGzMvbs&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
    I was excited because for the first time – no frizz anywhere! And if I did a wash & go, no sticky gel making my hair hard as a rock!

    So I love ketatin but if it is applied over and over to the entire head, it becomes stringy. Before it became stringy, it became so lifeless that even wet setting it, I would pull a roller out and watch the curl just slither down until it was just straight. ZERO body.

    • SOSsy says:

      OK, so I sort of get it now. Keratin is more frizz-prevention than straightening – the curls come back just 3 days post.

      I’m Chinese and obviously my natural curls are more like waves compared to yours. I’m so ‘ashamed’ to have call them curls haha. Rebonding is then very different – it’s permanent. You’ll have to grow it out, you won’t get your curls back just like that.

      However, with your natural hair being so curly, it might be an issue after a few months once your new hair grows out. It’s probably going to be real wavy (don’t think it will get curly) on top, then suddenly hair starting at a certain length is all straight. I mean you could just tie everything up once you get to this point. I’ve seen this on some ladies here but couldn’t find any pics to show you. While searching though. I came across this write-up. It’s obviously marketing by a salon but the model’s hair is like yours, and it’s really straight post rebonding so I think your hair can take it. http://www.hairstraighteningperth.com.au/permanent-hair-straightening-perth

      And thank you @CK for allowing me this space to connect with Beez!

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