Ha Ji Won Covers Vogue Taiwan’s 20th Anniversary Issue


Ha Ji Won was recently in Taiwan to attend Vogue Taiwan’s Fashion Night Out.

The actress, who can now be seen with Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin in the film Life Risking Romance, is also the cover girl of Vogue Taiwan’s 20th Anniversary Issue—next month’s edition.

Check out her spreads! She’s so stunning in them—at least, in the ones that aren’t over-Photoshopped. And looking at a couple of the BTS pics, it seems Ha Ji Won had a say on the spreads 🙂




Sources  |  Vogue Taiwan  |  Vogue Taiwan FB




  • Adal says:

    When I saw the first picture, I thought to myself, this doesn’t look anything like Ha Ji Won! Then I saw the other pictures and was floored. She’s such a chameleon! She looks amazing!!

  • JCB says:

    I loved HJW to bits…I have always felt she was a spunky and natural actress (Secret Garden!) compared to other “beauties” in the industry…
    But now, with her jaw fixed and a boob job…and her last drama with Lee Jin Wook (Disappointing…)…I don’t feel excited about her work anymore.

    Of course she looks drop-dead gorgeous in the last few magazine shoots…but maybe it’s just me…she has lost some of that spunkiness I liked about her…

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