Oh Hae Young Again: Who are You?

While walking on a busy street, will you be able to recognise the person you are destined to be with? Would you face it or let this pass you by?

The title can’t mislead us. Is it possible that Park Do Kyung will fall in love with Oh Hae Young, Again? This could mean multiple ways! I love it. Well, let’s not conclude anything, just yet. All I can say is, let the quest for Miss Oh, begin!

Episodes 1 & 2:

Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) was inside a restaurant and she looks despondent. Break-up is a word that comes to mind. And sure enough, when Hae Young arrived home she told her family that she no longer wants to get married. The wedding is scheduled the next day. OMO. Who wouldn’t flip-out hearing this news? It’s a riot from there. After one month, the storm calmed down. But Oh Hae Young is not easily fazed.

Hae Young is fierce and bold. She’s 32 and living her life like rice is all that matters. She focuses on one thing, and neglects the rest. She works hard as an Assistant Manager in a catering company. I like her boss, who happens to be Do Kyung’s Noona, Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won). This is going to be fun! Soo Kyung is the type of boss who pushes her staff beyond limits. It may seem that she’s pushing too hard to the brink of craziness, but this only shows me that she won’t settle for less.

On the other hand, it’s another work day for Park Do Kyung (Eric Mun). He is a sound Director who meticulously overlays each scenario with appropriate sound effects. He is not a mediocre since his name is on the line. His subordinates are irritated because he is a perfectionist, it’s hard to reach his standard. As we get to know him more, he has the ability to foresee the future. This isn’t something strange coz surely some of us have experienced “deja vu”. But is his condition as simple as that?

We cannot not have a bromance. Let’s meet Do Kyung’s bestie, Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk). He is a lawyer who will do anything for a friend. That includes helping Do Kyung get revenge from his ex-fiancee. However, they made a mistake and it’s crucial. The revenge plot was done to the wrong Oh Hae Young.

Let me clarify this. Oh Hae Young is a familiar name. It is so familiar that two women in the same High School shares it. We had a brief encounter of Oh Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin), Park Do Kyung’s ex-fiancee. To avoid further confusion, I will address her as Miss Ex-Oh. That will make my life easier. Surely we’ll get to know more of her later.

For now, Do Kyung asked for an experts advice regarding the flashes of vision appearing on his mind. There is one particular woman who always appear and he does not even know her. But he can see a glimpse of her, everyday. Who could she be?

This is my personal favourite scene. I love the expression on their faces! It spelled chances for me. However, this is not where they first met.

Park Do Kyung met Hae Young at a coffee shop where she was supposed to meet her classmate, PD Hee Ran. It is far from a meet-cute scenario. Do Kyung collided with Hae Young on the way out. Her nose bled profusely as she faced him. There is more to this scene, in fact it showed us a back story of Hae Young and Miss Ex-Oh. Furthermore, this explains the crucial mistake Do Kyung and Jin Sang had made. They destroyed the wrong guy who was supposed to marry Hae Young.

Status: Complicated. Let’s deal with this one step at a time.


Look at her face! I know she’s half-drunk but I felt something more. Do Kyung must have felt it too, he was caught off-guard. EEeee. I want more of this!

On the way home while Do Kyung drives, Hae Young was talking all to herself. But when she spelled out her name, Do Kyung’s ex-fiancee came to his mind. Dude, obviously you are not over her. I have to know his timeline! How long has it been since his wedding day? Then again, the pain must be so hard to erase. I can’t blame him.

The present Miss Ex-Oh hasn’t shown up. We don’t know much about her present self either. But thank goodness for flashbacks. Hae Young took us to High School where two Oh Hae Young exists. Miss Ex-Oh was the “pretty” Oh Hae Young. While Hae Young was.. just Hae Young. Or more often she’s called “dirt” Oh Hae Young. Those where hard times. She lost her confidence in High School. But that was just on the surface, she tried to be positive within. Oh Hae Young is naturally fierce, then and now.

Do Kyung is alone in his room when we are introduced to another flashback. This time it was during his wedding. He was calling Miss Ex-Oh but she was not answering his calls. Do Kyung looked all over for her while he was drenched in the rain. It was until he stopped and checked his phone that he saw Miss Ex-Oh’s photos. She’s out of the country with someone else. Ouch. Jin Sang convinced Do Kyung to get revenge because of this. He told him that Han Tae Jin was the guy Oh Hae Young left him for. Shoot. This decision was a horrible mistake to begin with. No one should make a decision when angry.

Here’s my POV. The way I see it, Tae Jin just made an excuse so that Hae Young won’t be entangled with his mess. He sacrificed for her sake. That explains why his excuse was lame. Ohnoes. If Hae Young discovers this, Do Kyung is dead meat.

Before we think of that, let’s go back to Hae Young. She’s having trouble sleeping, thinking about Tae Jin again. To help ease her mind, she played a CD and danced the night away. This is a must see! I’m never gonna think of tango the same way again. Mum briefly joined her then Omma eventually got pissed. Seeing their daughter made the parents give-up on her already. I think she has one last straw left after this.

Hae Young needs more time to heal. One month is not enough. It is obvious that she’s still hurting inside. She went biking outside only to get herself in trouble again. She went home carrying her bike and looking like garbage in front of her neighbours. This is it. Her parents finally abandoned her. All her belongings are left outside the house, a sign forcing her to leave.

It has been a long day for Hae Young as problems pile up! On the other hand, Do Kyung received a phone call from Miss Ex-Oh. She had the nerve to call him to say “I miss you”?!?! What a woman! Do Kyung was so angry. He went out to get drunk in the same place where Hae Young is. Then, they both went out and talked.

I just love this scene!

We know that they are not close, but this scene showed honesty as if one is talking to a friend. I want to hug Hae Young. I was crying along with her. Do Kyung isn’t exactly the guy to hear this. But in this case, just to make the pain even more unbearable, he needs to hear everything from the main source herself. Do Kyung was speechless. The only thing he could utter was “Mianhae-yo”. He doesn’t have the courage to tell her the truth. So Hae Young left him alone. As she walks on the hi-way without care of the cars passing by, Do Kyung grabbed him to safety and drove her home.

The next day, Hae Young hired a truck to take away her stuff as she prepares to leave. Aww. The moment she left the house, Dad told Omma she’s finally gone.. Cue tears. This mother-daughter tandem is giving me so much feels.

Moving on. This is a start of a new adventure! Hae Young is on her own now. While unpacking, she mutters to herself that everything will be fine. Her room is a mess! She tried to push the table in one corner but she accidentally hit the wall. OMO. Then she discovered that the wall wasn’t made of cement, it was just plain thin wood. The wall was easily destroyed and she even saw a door. When she opened it, it felt like she was sent to another dimension. Heh. She peers inside and walked into a different room. This looks familiar, though.

OMO! Is she now going to live next door to Do Kyung?? Literally, she is just a step away!!

Gurl, welcome home!

Personal Thoughts:

I’m in!

The first episode just positioned us right into the lives of our main leads. The story is fast paced and I loved every minute of it. Even the side characters were amazing. I laughed and sympathised with each one of them. I watched it raw and felt that the story can be easily understood.

Eric Mun has never been this hot. I mean, I’ve never been attracted to him, but I was drawn watching him here! He has a great chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin so far. This tandem is promising. They just stared at each other and I felt something magical in between. It’s an inevitable connection. You don’t see it, but you know it’s there! I just want to see more of them together.

We see both talented individual who are passionate in their chosen fields. Do Young and Hae Young are opposite poles. If there is one thing they have in common, they are both broken. Loving the wrong person made them this way. Now that they have found each other, will they open up to love again? It is a common plot, isn’t it? But Eric and Seo Hyun Jin made me feel something different. I’m eager to know where they will take me.

One more thing, they both love drinking espresso. Bitter. I just need to put this tidbit in.

Anyway, I really like how Do Kyung is getting to know Hae Young. She’s shattered into pieces now, she’s not exactly attractive in this sense. But I prefer this kind of set-up. We are so used to boy meets girl and they fall in love. Then they will learn each others flaws, etc. Now we get to see the main leads as they are – broken, crazy, alone, hurt.. Amidst all this, how can one find love? Is there even a room for it?

Do Kyung is a typical guy who will surely fall for a pretty woman. Let’s admit, physical attraction is key. We cannot blame those who fall in this category. However we know that looks can be deceiving. Love has a capacity to see beyond the surface and look deep within that. There is something about this drama that highlights that fact using two Oh Hae Young that shares only the same name but have different persona.

I’ve seen Seo Hyun Jin in two of Ku Hye Sun’s film. She’s the type of actress that needs no words to express how she feels. You can just feel and look at her face. It explains everything. She is a blank canvass, anything is possible for her. It is obvious in that tango scene! That is embedded in my head now! Oh Hae Young is a complex character, she has gone through tough times in her entire life. I admire the tenacity of this woman! Her youth has a huge impact on how she is today. She is outspoken, fearless, cheerful, and pure.

Do Kyung’s ability to see the future is quite peculiar. Then again, how many times have we heard the phrase “Have we met?”; “Have I seen you before?”; or “I feel like I’ve known you for a long time already”. I think this show is playing on that premise. How significant is Do Kyung’s ability to see the future? Is Hae Young going to be a part of his life? Or he will just help her make things right again? There are so many questions. I love that!

Furthermore, our leads are in the middle of a catastrophe on top of their current state. I can’t even fathom the pain they’ve already experienced. I don’t know what’s worse. Cancelling the wedding the day before or the day itself and leaving you alone at the wedding hall?

Anyway, I won’t touch the other characters that much this week. But I love the supporting cast especially The Park’s. Their family is extraordinarily crazy. Park Hoon and his love affair not only provides the lighter moments but they are enjoyable to watch. Sometime side dishes aren’t helpful. But not with this cute couple. The Oh’s are interesting too. Oh Hae Young is an exact carbon copy of her mother. I love mum! She speaks the truth in front of her daughter, even if it hurts. But she lovingly fights for her behind her back. Aww. What are we going to do without our mother?

I am finding ways not to love this show. Right now, I can’t find any. My love for this drama has laid a good foundation. I am hoping beyond hope that this drama will just get better after this.

See you next week!



  • martha says:

    I’m with you on this one! I loved it right from the start. I can’t wait to see where this story is going. Once she finds out about what they did to her fiance what will she do? It seems to me that he took the cowards way out but I could be wrong. Why didn’t he just tell her. You know Miss ex-Oh will come back like a storm to shake things up. What will her reason for leaving him at the alter be? I can’t wait!

  • Norie Eda says:

    I love the chemistry between our 2 main leads..I started watching this series because i was in Descendants of The Sun withdrawal…I stumbled upon it by accident..And i love every minute of it..I also found out it’s the same PD who did Marriage, Not Dating in 2014.. I love it even more..Can’t wait to see what happens next.. 🙂

  • Nurul says:

    Does anyone knows the title of the english song in episode 1 when Do Kyung sees Hae Young for the first time? It’s around 39.41 mins down the episode, right after Do Kyung sees a psychiatrist.

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