“Love at Seventeen” Episode 6 Preview

Episode 5 was primarily about our OTP being cute which is why I enjoyed it. I like that Hao Yi is reciprocating all the love and care Ai Li Si gave him when they first met. She took care of him the night he was sick and now he takes care of her when she’s drunk. I have to take some points away from him for blabbing about her drinking habits to Bai Su Lei. Speaking of which, how long is she going to keep her Queen B act up for? I’m not impressed… and neither is “Peter” who will probably fall for her when she shows him her vulnerable side.

As for Peter, while I love that he’s always been by Ai Li Si’s side and wants to protect her, he’s kind of annoying. I’m not just saying this because he insists on interfering with our OTP but because it’s pretty obvious that she’s not romantically interested in him so he needs to give it a rest. I did kind of feel bad for him when Ai Li Si cancelled their plan for him to take her home to spend time with Hao Yi,

Oh goodness, what’s happening next week? This reminds me of the 00s dramas that you would think is a rom-com till suddenly, someone gets kidnapped and the genre changes. Well, this never felt like a rom-com but it certainly seemed quite lighthearted at the beginning but now we’re getting cancer plots and violence. They sure aren’t shying away from the makjang.

But I won’t complain because it means we’ll get to see our darling Hao Yi come to the rescue! Isn’t he absolutely dreamy? He’s so darn adorable to Ai Li Si – constantly shooting love bullets to her with his eyes and saying and doing the right thing. Ah, why do these perfect male specimens only exist in fiction?

The poor thing will be devastated when he learns of Ai Li Si’s illness.

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