“Another Miss Oh” Episode 4 Preview

I enjoyed Episode 3 but I feel like the drama is really crawling. Three episodes in and we still haven’t met the other Oh Hae Young in the present time. Thankfully, it looks like it finally happens in the next episode.

And some things have gotten too repetitive such as Do Kyung’s sister’s drunken behavior. If there’s a point to it such as she’s depressed or something, they need to get to it.

The show’s OTP got closer this week especially after that delivery man tried it. I think it’s the first scene I’ve liked of them together since it was revealed that he was her life ruiner. I’m sure they are going to try to make us love them together but I would need it cleared up first before I can ship them. It had better turn out that her ex is a criminal and deserves to be in jail regardless.

It looks like Hae Young will finally learn that her boss is her new friend’s sister. And now that she knows that he got dumped at the altar, perhaps she will make the connection and understand why she seemed pressed that she cancelled her wedding.

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  • Itenoria says:

    Truthfully, I was kind of happy about the other Oh Hae Young being so out of the picture for the first three episodes. It allowed us get to know the first Oh Hae Young better, plus for the first time, we’re seeing Just Oh Hae Young as the ‘first’ Oh Hae Young instead of the after thought she’d always been all through school. Such a relief.

    I’m thinking Tae Jin might have been just a bit shady. Because a group of people pulling out their money shouldn’t have him sent to jail. He probably took their money and invested it in something else and couldn’t pull it back out when the initial investors demanded their money back. So, it goes back to greed. But all that is what I think anyway.

  • Sara says:

    The drama is going in a very nice pace, i’m actually grateful for this 3 episodes all dedicated to the amazing Oh Hae Young. I get to see her relationship with her parents, overcoming the pain of being dumped, her harsh days in high school, bonding with her co-workers and of course with handsome Park Do Kyung before pretty OHY/Ex fiance gets in the picture and all hell break loose.

  • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

    I guess I’m the only impatient one, then 😀

    I like that we get to know our Oh Hae Young better but I felt like the plot moved too slowly. But it’s all good.

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