Oh Hae Young Again: Second Week – Moving Forward

We got some progress this week, people!

I love movement especially when it is smoothly executed. We can savour more Hae Young and Do Kyung moments as they get to know each other better without letting the “feelings of love” get in the way for now. There are no inhibitions between them, they can just honestly say what they feel. This is a good foundation for something beautiful to come.

The fun never ceases! I’m still laughing with the side characters and loving the positive vibe brought by Hae Young. Of course, there is an emotional tug in my heart that helps me fall madly in love with this show. I can’t help it! I’m also becoming trigger happy, every scene is worthy to be screen capped.

I’m not going to take much time in this intro. Enjoy!

Episodes 3 & 4:

Oh Hae Young is the new tenant at Do Kyung’s storage room courtesy of the landlord. Heh. I only see beautiful possibilities now that they are going to live next to each other. This set-up is already a cliché, living in one roof with just a movable furniture dividing them. However, this makes the tandem more interesting. I welcome it with open eyes, I mean arms.

Do Kyung vehemently wants her out though. I understand him, Hae Young is a dangerous woman. She would do harm to him than good, she could be loud you know. She explained to him that she needed a new place to stay asap, and the location of his area is good to repel her misfortune. Do Kyung is not comfortable, her presence bothers his conscience. The next day, Do Kyung tried to settle with the Elderly landlord but ahjussi is stubborn. Why won’t Do Kyung move out instead? He can’t, the house has sentimental values. He grew up living there with Dad. Do Kyung loves to linger on the past.

It’s another session with Doc. Do Kyung admits that he is insane but the Doctor tells him otherwise. He could lose his ability to see the future if he gets enough sleep. Andwae! Dude, don’t sleep. Let’s enjoy your visions further more.

Goodness, the employees are going ballistic whenever Director Park arrives. Aigoo, if only they know her appearance at home. I don’t think they will act the same way anymore. She is crazy but I love her for it. Though I hope we get to see her work more and get drunk less. She always gets home drunk and late, what else is there? Noona, why do you drown yourself in alcohol everyday?

The contractor arrived to block the doorway from Do Kyung’s room. But then, the contractor cannot do anything unless they also put cement on the other side. Hae Young called Do Kyung to ask permission but his brother answered the call instead. Hoon is cluelessly stupid, he got angry thinking Miss Ex-Oh is bothering his brother again. He is sweet but stupid, so he deserves some beating from his Hyung. Anyhow, a sprinkle of brotherly love doesn’t hurt anyone.

Hae Young is mad at Do Kyung’s rudeness. She went home pissed, she kicked his cabinet to let him know it. Upon hearing this, Do Kyung stepped in and apologised to her. He told her that he’d be leaving soon, she can take care of the construction at her own convenience. You are the one who is going to move out, first? This is clearly a misunderstanding. I appreciate that they were able to talk about it right away. Do Kyung knows how to handle Hae Young. He doesn’t talk back when Hae Young is flaming in anger.

Hae Young’s parents are worried, but they won’t let her know it. They checked her living condition and accidentally removed the window frame. Haha. Do Kyung heard the noise and he saw the parentals walking out carrying the frame.

Mother explained everything and asked him not to mention that they visited Hae Young. Do Kyung obliged and he carried the frame back upstairs. He volunteered to fix it the next day. He made a good impression here, in front of Mother no less.

Hae Young met her High School classmates for another gathering. She looked so happy though she came from a solo sunset date. She is just pretending, those who doesn’t know her wouldn’t even notice the difference.

We got some flashback here showing how Hae Young felt competing with Miss Ex-Oh. The latter always wins. Hae Young let out her frustrations by dancing all night long. On the other hand, Mother cries to her husband asking him to get their daughter back to live with them. It’s too late for that, Mum.

Do Kyung had a premonition. He hurriedly drove home thinking that Hae Young is in trouble. I bet his conscience can’t take it if something bad happens to her. Good thing he arrived just in time before a snatcher grabbed Hae Young’s bag. She was out waiting for Do Kyung because she forgot her keys. It was a cold night, Do Kyung helped her get inside her room.

Hae Young’s stove suddenly malfunctioned. Do Kyung can definitely tell she needs help when he heard the clicking sound of the stove. The next thing we see, he was preparing a warm cup of tea for Hae Young inside his room. I think we’ll be seeing the door open more often now.

I LOVE THIS scene. It felt so natural for Hae Young to talk to Do Kyung. In fairness to him, he really listens. One can choose not to care, you know. Then again, it is Do Kyung we are dealing with here. I don’t think he is the type of man who is cold-hearted. He is not cold, he is just hurting.

Hae Young doesn’t have filter with him already. She was pouring out all her frustrations to him. She even shared a memory from high school where she voted for herself knowing that everyone will vote for Miss Ex-Oh. Sad.

Do Kyung sat there listening to her every cry. Then he suddenly told her that he was also dumped on the day of his wedding. OMO!! I’m glad to hear this coming out from Do Kyung. Sharing it with Hae Young made it sweeter. Finally we have characters that are on the same page. They know exactly how it feels to be left behind in the most important day of their life. It’s a different kind of comfort knowing that someone truly understands because he experienced the same. The weather is cold outside but Hae Young felt the warmth at Do Kyung’s place.

She found the strength to move on after talking to him. Hae Young looked at her wedding album one last time and threw it away. It’s a gesture not to look back anymore. She will move forward from here on.

AJA! That’s my kind of girl!

When I think about it, I’ve never really given myself to love 100%. I was always cautious and nervous. I worried if I like the person more. Let’s not do that any more. If I meet someone I like, I will love the man all the way until I get dumped. I will never turn around crying because I was yelled at to get lost. I will hold onto the man and not let go even if I get beaten up. I will give it everything. Shouldn’t you fall in such love once in your lifetime?

LUCKY guy! Who could it be?

Hae Young is not the only one who is happy the next day. Even Do Kyung was in high spirits! He even made time to fix Hae Young’s window. I feel so elated after seeing the window fixed. Well, it’s the smallest gesture that warms my heart.

It’s dinner time! Hae Young called for delivery. Do Kyung saw the delivery guy outside and he suddenly felt uneasy. Upon hearing that the guy returned inside Hae Young’s room, he barged in unexpectedly. I wasn’t as shocked as Hae Young, though. I know that this was bound to happen, anytime. He even left his own mark already. Dude, we understand. It is just for her safety.

But.. Eeee. *heartflutterscrazily*

He told her that she can live at her place, and he will stay too. I want them to live together, longer. Well, this makes me happy. And I can finally see Do kyung SMILE! See, it also makes him happy that he has done something right. Also, he became relieved after releasing his inner baggage for sure. I’m happy for you! It is about time to let go and be honest with what you feel.

Let me just linger on this one for a little bit more.


Why can’t we be happy, for like 30 minutes?

Do Kyung saw another vision in his head. Hae Young will tell him that Miss Ex-Oh is back. Honestly, I’m not anticipating for Miss Ex-Oh to finally show up. However we have to get to know her character somehow. Okay girl, show me why Do Kyung once loved you. Does he deserve to still ache up to now?

Hae Young received message after message confirming that Miss Ex-Oh arrived after living in Europe. She doesn’t feel good about it. What’s the remedy then? She went out to meditate and think of “happy thoughts”. OMO. We saw her memory of Do Kyung telling her to stay after leaving his shoes at her doorstep. The thought of him, makes her smile. So, he is your happy thoughts now! *glee*

Do Kyung went out for dinner and saw Hae Young inside the restaurant. He can’t simply ignore her, so he had no choice but to join her table. Hehe. Hae Young talks non-stop, as usual. Do Kyung is already used to this, he seem comfortable already. His life will never be quiet again. Hae Young finally mentioned that Miss Ex-Oh is back just like in his visions.

That aside, I love seeing them talk, or simply walk together. The honesty between them comes out naturally. And am I seeing Do Kyung smile, even just a little? So cute! I think, her presence makes him feel lighter somehow. I see a beautiful change. It is slow, but we’ll get there!

It is about time for Hae Young to be introduced properly to The Parks. Let’s start with Noona, Park Soo Kyung. Hae Young met her at the convenience store, with all her disheveled glory.

Hae Young knows her too well at work, she can’t believe she even lives at the same house. Fate finds a way. Then Park Do Kyung came in next. Hae Young was surprised that Noona and Do Kyung are blood-related. Lastly, She saw the youngest Park around the corner of the house, kissing her girlfriend out in the open. Girl, you will get used to this family for sure. Seeing them will be like breathing.

Timeline! Just what I need. Hae Young finally asked the question I’ve been longing to know all this time. It’s been a year since Do Kyung’s ditched wedding day.

I loved every second of this scene. I just looked at Do Kyung’s eyes.. it contains hidden messages. I love seeing his reactions. His eyes are flirty sometimes. Or is it just me thinking that way. Heh.

Her conversation with Do Kyung is exactly what he needed. He didn’t even mind hearing it all from Hae Young. He was ardently listening. I totally agree with everything she said. She is so spot on! One thing is definite, Do Kyung is in dire need of a hug.

Before Hae Young gives him that, Miss Ex-Oh finally makes her presence felt as she arrives at work. She is introduced as the newest Director who will lead the revamp of the Company’s brand.

Miss Ex-Oh is a cheerful woman, and nice too. It’s her first day at work, she is vibrant and full of energy. Hmmm. They are similar in this aspect. I don’t know why beauty is their comparison. Beauty can be subjective. The work hours of Hae Young is already long, now it is going to be the longest of her days with Miss Ex-Oh around.

Omma is pestering Do Kyung, calling him non-stop all day. She badly needs supply of money. She has no other option but his son. I guess Noona wouldn’t even give her a cent, and Park Hoon is incapable of huge funds. Do Kyung has no choice but to give-in, unwillingly.

Aww. Can we start giving him a hug now?

Well, good thing Hae Young is around. She heard everything from the other side, and she won’t leave him especially when he is mad. I’m glad that Do Kyung is allowing her to come along with him. He is usually alone whenever he is recording, but not this time. She silently accompanies him, enjoying the sounds at night by his side.

This time, Do Kyung talks more! He is opening up to her more. I enjoy listening to them. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of scenes like this.

This feels so good too. It is a beautiful night indeed.

Do Kyung: You look pretty when you’re eating.

He said that with sincerity. Eeee. *giggles* This is a favourite scene. I didn’t expect to hear this from Do Kyung. It was so random! Who wouldn’t be caught off-guard? Who wouldn’t feel touched? That’s the right question to ask, Hae Young! I know Do Kyung only meant well. It’s not something to woo her heart, you know. Or is it? But dude, don’t let her get used to this!

Miss Ex-Oh is loved by all men at work. Hae Young is being bombarded with requests to set-up a date for the boys to meet Miss Ex-Oh. Aigoo. But our Hae Young is strong enough not be consumed by this. All she needs to do is to think “happy thoughts”. Only one man comes in mind to make her smile again.

Nice touch.

Hae Young went home with a downcast spirit. For the first time, I’m sure she thanked Noona for arriving to help her get out of her own misery. Noona challenged Hae Young to embrace a man by running from afar for free drinks. Heh. Do Kyung arrives just in time to be the sacrificial lamb. I will let his thoughts speak for himself. This scene had no meaning until he shared what he currently feels for Hae Young.

Doo Kyung: But even if I avoid her as best I could, it feels like I won’t ultimately be able to cut her off. It feels like that woman keeps on unraveling me. It’s like she’s telling me, Stop being miserable.. and let’s be happy together.

That hug! He finally received one!

Personal thoughts:

When Episode 3 started, they entertained the idea of leaving each other for good. I was inclined to think who will move out first. But at the end, they decided to stay. The door separating them is opening more often now, just like how their relationship progress. They don’t even need to knock, they let themselves in the other side like the room is one already.

Good conversations are my weakness. Show has a wonderful way of making sure that Hae Young and Do Kyung communicates with each other. I like that as early as now, they know how to adjust based on each other’s mood. I tell you, they have a beautiful mutual understanding.

When Hae Young left her parents house – a symbol of her protection, her comfort zone was lost just like the fence of her window. But then Do Kyung came and fixed the fence back! Now, Hae Young is under Do Kyung’s shelter. So far, he’s providing her with her own space, while guarding to keep her safe on the side. She doesn’t know what DO Kyung is doing for her. I know that he is making things right, in his own way. Once this is cleared, I bet his visions of her will be gone for good. Also, I want to see more of what he thinks of her rather than what he will see happen.

We got some snippets of the past couples. Is it real love? Well, Hae Young and Do Kyung wouldn’t feel the pain if it wasn’t love, right? But why would Hae Young say that she didn’t love Tae Jin 100 percent? I thought of the break-up. She immediately agreed to call-off the wedding, without fighting for it. I’m not sure if that is the right thing to do at that moment. Why didn’t they talk about it more? It is their life after all. Then again, that wedding wasn’t meant to happen. I guess because someone better is coming.

On the other hand, I have to see Miss Ex-Oh’s reason for leaving Do Kyung without a word before I comment further. I have to understand where she is coming from. Surely she has her reason. The validity will vary. For all I know, future mother-in-law must have done something to her. Let’s anticipate for Miss Ex-oh’s explanation.

Do Kyung knows how to smile! We didn’t see it for a long time. Now that he is starting to warm up, I bet we’ll be seeing him smile and laugh more often now. Anyhow, I love Eric Mun’s eyes. There is a mix of flirty vibe, genuine longing, anticipation, coolness, hurt, and a speckle of joy. I’m starting to see a determined guy who wants to move on, happily. Now that Miss Ex-Oh is around, it is about time to close a chapter of his past. Besides, his present is more interesting.

Speaking of present! I am loving Hae Young more and more each episode. She has trained her mind to think positive – happy thoughts. She refused to succumbed to her problems, even if she is hurting inside. She is outspoken because she doesn’t keep her problems locked in, she faces it bravely. She even cheered herself to get back up again. It is very difficult to stay positive amidst all the negative in this world. Hae Young proves it can be done.

Her honesty is contagious. Do Kyung is already infected. Honestly I think he finds it endearing. The way that he listens to Hae Young and his respect for her opinions sends a different sparkle on his eyes. His aura also changes whenever they are talking to each other. They have a reached a comfort level that makes any type of relationship work.

She becomes more beautiful to him the more he looks at her. He could clearly see that she is broken, but she is a strong woman amidst that. I think he likes that about her. Hae Young doesn’t lie to him. He trusts her.

There seem to be variations of Do Kyung’s visions. Now it is based on what he expects to see happen versus what can actually happen. In that last scene, let’s all hang-on at the moment. I think there is a twist there. Is it his vision the way that he narrated it to the doctor based on what he wants to see happen? Did it really happen at all? Or worse, Hae Young was running to him but she simply fell on the floor. That was quite a long jump, you know.

Anything is possible! I know, you are loving Monday’s now the same way I do.

See you next week. For now, think of happy thoughts!


  • sskuwair says:

    I’m totally with you! My love for this show is growing bigger and bigger each day. I love everything about it. The main lead, the sidekick, and the romance. It feels fresh, cute, and sweet! Can’t wait for next Monday!

  • martha says:

    I can understand her using Eric to help her find her Happy space. He certainly makes me feel happy. This drama has become a real favorite. I can’t wait for Monday either.

  • claire says:

    Yes, I’m definitely already addicted to this drama — and loving it. The drama and the addiction 🙂

  • lisa says:

    this has become my favorite! i feel the same way about it as you do 🙂 it’s so refreshing on many levels, not the least of which is the way they communicate…fab! can’t wait for the next ep!

  • Dwarf says:

    I love all the characters so far, esp the park siblings! The little bro is endearing with his himbo mannerism and fierce loyalty to big bro. The sis is a hoot with her random high kicks and french gibberish. Lol. I think HY will fit right in with her tango moves!

    • leila108 says:

      OMO!! Hae Young’s tango scene is pure love! ❤️ I can’t wait to see Do Kyung’s quirky input. Surely he is similar to his siblings.

  • shinko says:

    I’m liking this drama a lot more than I expected! I’m a huge fan of the actress Seo Hyun Jin. Such a great performance – vulnerability, pain, happiness, anger. I have to find what else she’s in. I’m enjoying their budding friendship, but Do Kyung doesn’t have a pass yet. He’s the reason his fiance broke up the wedding. Her fiance should have been honest with her, but he was trying to do the right thing by her, I guess. Kind of paternalistic – yuck. Did you catch Do Kyung’s comment to the doctor about feeling lonely when he has these visions, and that he think he’ll die tragically?! What was that? Is there a brain tumor in someone’s future?

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Shinko (:

      Do Kyung only meant that he would feel bad if something happened to Hae Young, that’s why he protects her and worries for her safety. It has nothing to do with any sickness in the future. Well, I hope the writer won’t go that route.

    • elaine says:

      Seo Hyun Jin is fabulous in both Three Musketeers and Let’s Eat 2!!! Not sure if you have watched either. She has quickly become one of my favorite Korean actresses! I absolutely love her as Oh Hae Young!

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