She deserves to be the first female for this post!

I believe SEO HYUN JIN is one of those underrated actors who deserves love and attention. She exudes a wonderful vibe that you’d easily fall in love with and cheer for!

Just a little background. I have seen Seo Hyun Jin in two of Ku Hye Sun’s film – Magic and Peach Tree. She doesn’t have many dialogues, but her superb acting can make you understand her characters. I haven’t seen her in any K-drama. But seeing her in those films I already have an idea of her range. Besides, she is a thespian! I have a penchant for theatre actors. I am already at peace that Seo hyun Jin can perform wonders.

Right now she is the lovable and outspoken OH HAE YOUNG  in one of tvN’s hit K-drama of 2016. It is difficult to be carrying the title role of the drama, but Seo Hyun Jin fits the role perfectly. I can’t imagine anyone else who can do justice to it. Oh Hae Young is a tough cookie. She struggles but she knows how to get up, even if she is bruised already. She is steadfast with a vibrant personality to boot. She defines her own beauty with layers of bravery and transparency. Seo Hyun Jin knows exactly how to express every emotion Oh Hae Young experienced by her stage presence alone.

She is truly remarkable!

No wonder, she is stealing the hearts of most viewers nowadays.

Sparks are starting to fly with her and Eric Mun already! I am loving their chemistry, it feels organic and effortless. I just want to see MORE of them together. I’m already feeling the butterflies happily flying inside of me even if they aren’t a couple just yet. What will they do to my heart if they are already in a relationship? It will be pure bliss!

I’m getting ahead of myself. I need a break fluid!! There are still issues to be resolved before their heart speaks of love. More walls need to be broken down. I can’t wait to see all that out in the open!

This is a dual purpose post. This will also serve as a dumpsite for Oh Hae Young Again. There are so many beautiful screenshots from Episodes 1 to 4 that didn’t make it to the final recap post. Get ready for some photo dump!




  • songbird18 says:

    Yes! I agree. Another Oh Hae Young is my first time seeing her act but she’s an amazing actress.

  • Mara says:

    She is wonderful in this role.

  • diya_ says:

    yeah..i am planning to watch let’s eat 2 since she was in it 🙂

    • V says:

      Exactly! Already had it bookmarked on my to-watch list.
      I can’t imagine other actresses play OHY! She pulls off this role so wonderfully. Feels like Oh My Ghost deja vu (no other actresses can play Na Bong Sun than Park Bo Young)

  • Neseli says:

    Try King’s Daughter Seo Baek Huyang if you are a Seo Hyun Jin fan.She was excellent there and the drama is good too.

  • Sweet Pea says:

    Actually i notice her first in Hwang Ji Ni. she is only in several episodes as love rival for Ha Ji Won. even in that small amount of time she manages to catch attention. But, after that I rarely see her in project anymore. I watche the Duo because of her.

    I am glad that she is starting to rise after the Three Musketeers.

  • Norie Eda says:

    I’m so in love with this show! I can’t imagine any other actress than Seo Hyun Jin who can bring out this role like she did. I fell in love with Oh Hae Young since the 1st episode and i love her more with each episode 🙂

  • MM says:

    AOHY is LOVE. Seo Hyun-Jin (and Eric and others and the cast and crew team) is LOVE. <3

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