Song Joong Ki Covers Marie Claire Korea + Models Fairwhale Jeans


Song Joong Ki shows no signs of slowing down these days, and he’s representing so many brands that he might as well also replace the Energizer Bunny and be the spokesperson for the battery company. LOL. He just keeps going and going!

The guy just wrapped up a fan meet in China, where so much was revealed by the actor, much to the surprise of his fans and Song Song shippers. Some still haven’t recovered from it! LOL.

Meanwhile, our on-the-go actor has already geared up for the summer, getting in some chillin’ outfits for Marie Claire Korea’s June issue and putting on Fairwhale Jeans’ fresh, sunny-friendly collection of shorts and Tees.

Check it!


Marie Claire Korea, June 2016


Fairwhale Jeans



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  • Beez says:

    At least they managed to catch some different facial expressions than the usual fare. I love the guy but it seems like he’s heading for over exposure? (Maybe Asia doesn’t have such a thing and it’s only in the west where we ADHDers get bored too easily?) I’d still like to see more “candid” shots with him full on laughing or looking genuinely pleased.

    • goodange says:

      I was going to post pictures from his Beijing fan meet because his giggling smiles there are very candid 🙂 He seems to have genuinely enjoyed the experience … as well as his visit in Thailand. 🙂

  • Beez says:

    Please, Goodange, please! (You know you want to. ) 😉

  • SOSy says:

    Pic Spam please Goodange!

    Blossom is milking his popularity and the poor guy looks tired. At least I thought so when I watched the Beijing fan meeting videos. Still fantastically handsome though, even in stills. How does he always manage to look good? Beez, you’ll enjoy them for sure. I did!

    He’s really very hardworking! He’s putting in a lot of effort to learn Mandarin and I think his enunciation’s pretty good for a beginner.

  • Cherry Ann says:

    O please dont say that he is overexposure hehehe inwiuld love to see him… all the time… i love this guy too ❤️❤️❤️

  • Beez says:

    @Sosy – I LOOOOVE Song Joon ki as well.

    I just wonder if over exposure is what happened to Lee Min Ho and I don’t want to see that happen to Song Joon ki. LMO was amazingly popular and then suddenly it seemed he was gone. I’m glad to see him back in the mermaid series though.

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