“Dear My Friends” Episode 3 Preview

I watched the first two episodes today and I quite like it. I hadn’t read anything about it prior to watching it so cameos like Daniel Henney’s came as a surprise.

I think it’s pretty neat to have a drama centered around older folk and it’s certainly no surprise given the success of  “Grandpas Over Flowers” and “Noonas Over Flowers.” And they even have the young helper in the form of the lovely Go Hyun Jung.

I like the relationships between the women although I wish Nan Hee wasn’t fighting with her childhood friend over her no good husband. But we need conflict, right? And I’m sure that at some point, we’ll be given a deeper reason behind her inability to forgive her friend.

The way some of these kids treat their parents… argh! I was okay with Jeong Ah cleaning her kids’ homes for pay because sometimes, one’s parents need to keep busy and it’s also a way of giving them pocket money till it was revealed that she was actually using it to pay for her mother’s stay at the nursing home. Am I being too idealistic for thinking that her kids should be taking care of those bills instead? I know they have their own responsibilities but still. Oh well.

Yeon Ha isn’t dead, right? They aren’t going to use the same twist as “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” right? There’s clearly something up with him and I just hope it’s not this.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy watching these characters going through the twilight of their lives. What life is like when your friends are dying, your kids barely have time with you and loneliness is at its most acute.

Next week’s preview:

It was pretty obvious that Jeong A’s husband had no intention of taking her on that trip but let’s hope that he does by the end of the series. And she didn’t kill anyone, right?

Credit: tvN

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