Song Hye Kyo Also Covers The June 2016 Editions of W Korea & @Star 1 + Elle China Interior Spreads


The Song Song couple is killing me with their surprises! And it looks like June is Song Hye Kyo‘s month!

I could have just updated my Song Hye Kyo post before this, but it’s the goddess! She deserves every bit of space in this blog 😀

W Korea and @Star 1 just revealed on their IGs that the star of Descendants of the Sun is the cover girl of their June issues!

Meanwhile, check out the interior spreads of the actress from Elle China’s June edition. You can you view the cover shot in the previous post 🙂

As I said on Soompi, she has an aura in these pictures; she seems like a woman who’s inspired … perhaps by a special someone 😀


W Korea, June 2016



@Star 1, June 2016


Elle China, June 2016



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  • Beez says:

    FINALLY! Someone put her in clothes that lengthen her body. Of course, her face is beautiful, but she has a great body too! Unfortunately, a lot of stylists on dramas give her clothes that make her look dumpy. She’s short waisted and her curvy lines need to be nipped in at that small waist or her tops should be lean and long as they are in these photos. She looks great!

  • zashi says:

    That close up head shot. Money in the bank! She slays in Elle China. This will be a keeper.

  • AnotherFan says:

    I know this has been said many many times but just can’t help marveling at how beautiful this woman is!

    • Beez says:

      That’s why I’m always mystified when “top beauty” lists come out and Kim Tae Hee is at the top and many times Song Hye Kyo isn’t even on the list. I’m not knocking Kim Tae Hee – it’s just in my subjective eyes, she’s attractive but not in the same league. Again, I’m not out to bash Ms. Kim, I’m only mentioning it because this is what I’ve observed when the lists come out.

      SHK seems to be acknowledged as “most beautiful” if someone is writing an article, but never on the lists.

      • goodange says:

        I agree! Even before she shot up to my number 1 spot of favorites, which was just recently, I always thought Song Hye Kyo was the most beautiful actress in Korea (and even Asia). In my opinion, not even any one from the young crowd has surpassed her. Kim Yoo Jung comes close, but Hye Kyo is in a whole other league all together.

        • Beez says:

          And no one touches SKH’s early looks. Her Autumn in My Heart looks (before the character’s illness took over) are just striking. I’ve only considered two other actresses “striking” – Elizabeth Taylor and Meghan Fox (pre plastic surgery).

          Lots of people are beautiful or very pretty, but striking leaves you stuck for a moment, brain trying to process what you just saw. lol

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