Song Hye Kyo’s Enchanting Smile Covers the June 2016 Edition of Elle China


Since early May, Elle China teased about Song Hye Kyo‘s upcoming June feature, and today, it has finally given us a peek!

The zine zooms in on Hye Kyo’s spellbinding, beaming face for the cover page. Per khxy (from Soompi’s KiKyo thread), the cover caption says: ‘Song Hye Kyo: The Man I Love Is Humorous.’

The shoot for the magazine took place in refreshing Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, the actress has been prominent in the news lately because of her rejection of a Mitsubishi endorsement deal and a letter written to her by an elderly woman who was touched by her choice. A re-post from Soompi:

I can only hazard a guess as to how Hye Kyo felt when she read the elderly woman’s letter, but I don’t think it would be harmful to assume that such a heartfelt message must make her choice [to reject the deal] even more meaningful to her. What I appreciate most about this news is that Hye Kyo’s decision and the lady’s letter have opened up a serious discussion among Koreans—and even among foreigners. It’s important to talk about such matters, especially these historical and painful ones that have helped shape their current culture and attitudes. Such discussions are a form of education.

Although she was young when she entered the entertainment industry and pretty much came of age surrounded by showbiz people and responsibilities, I absolutely respect Hye Kyo for not using this large part of her upbringing as an excuse to be ignorant of history. It would have been easy for her to get caught up in the superficial trappings of her career, being driven by ambitions of further popularity (through media play), but Hye Kyo seems to have stayed grounded and aware of the world outside of her fame. Gaaah, I love this woman!




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  • djanti says:

    Mature Actress with principles & faith…..Salute!! Luv you Song hye kyo…..

  • Teleri says:

    Good for her. I’m so tired of all the white-washing of history, often seen towards the militaristic nationalism exhibited by Japan in the first half of the 20th century, and the refusal of the Japanese government & certain corporations to acknowledge their previous wrongdoings and apologize. At least their German counterparts have done that and moved on – Japan should get a clue. It’s been 70 odd years, for goodness sake.

  • Beez says:

    Wow. Very interesting. Can anyone fill me in about other Korean celebrities stance on this?

    Correct me of I’m wrong, but don’t lots of Korean celebs have Japanese endorsement deals? Is that the reason SHK’s choice stands out?

    Does anyone have a link to the Soompi article (or preferably any news links) so I can find out details regarding the elderly woman’s letter?

    Thanks, in advance.

  • Beez says:

    Thank you so much CKPhoenix!

  • Beez says:

    @CKPhoenix. …Wow. Just…wow. I have become so cynical that almost nothing brings me to tears (unless it involves family or friends). But this story and how it brings what SHK did into a reality that I usually feel far removed from (meaning celebrities and their lives and $) really touched me. Although I must acknowledge, she put her money where most celebrities’ mouths are; and she may possibly suffer pushback from other Japanese companies or lack of Japanese offers for roles.)
    I have two aunts left, one 88 and the other is 93, and the things they’ve seen that I’m so far removed from, and my children are so far removed from – not even having heard about, much less thinking about or understanding such hardship. It shows that what we do when it comes to the pay that is still forefront for those who lived it matters so much.
    I’m going to stop because my words just can’t even say it like I’m feeling it…

  • Beez says:

    typo – not “pay”, but “past”

  • erika says:

    amazing girl, and that is why I love her since long time ago.

  • AnotherFan says:

    Absolutely agree with everything posted. Love this woman too!

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