Oh Hae Young Again: Third Week – Come Home

Who wouldn’t love to come home early if someone like Park Do Kyung is waiting for you? That is something Hae Young wants to see happen. So now, Do Kyung is trying to achieve it coz he is eager to stop working before sunset.

I’m back with my quote-caps (: This will be short, but something sweet. Enjoy!

Episodes 5 & 6:

This is my first time hearing your laugh. – Hae Young

The writer is an expert in breaking cliché. I thought Hae Young will fall down after jumping so high, but something else fell. I didn’t expect the twist, that is why I thoroughly enjoyed laughing, so hard. Who thought of this prank? It really worked! It had Do Kyung laughing, almost falling out of his bed!

Hearing Do Kyung’s laughter is more than just a bonus. Hae Young caused him to laugh again, after a very long time. He missed it! The happy virus spilled over the next day. Do Kyung and Hae Young enjoyed the morning ride together as they happily pass by the beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Hae Young teased Do Kyung to buy her something expensive for dinner. Gurl, very smooth tactic for a non-date kinda night. I get it — you just want to enjoy his company. But we can’t forego the fact that Miss Ex-Oh wants Do Kyung’s company too. He mistook a post-it note that came from Miss Ex-Oh. Stupid. Weren’t you just texting our Hae Young when you saw the note? I guess, Do Kyung was just ecstatic to treat our Hae Young that day. He never thought of anyone else.

What did you do at the restaurant? You held my hand. Am I some kind of a prop to your love life? My wrist! Was this a prop to make that woman angry? Don’t you dare use me like that! You should be extremely sorry! That is a very childish thing to do! – Hae Young

Finally our heroine addressed the issue about “wrist grab!”. Way to go gurl! That confrontation between them is fiery. I honestly love when they argue, because it always made sense. After years of watching K-drama, it’s refreshing to hear this kind of argument. This show knows how to address the right issues, at the right time. Daebak!

Anyway, Hae Young had good pointers that Do Kyung needed to hear. I’m glad she gave him breathing space at first and just sat quietly while he drinks.  She didn’t rambled on right away. This is what you call respect — I love it! After their dinner, that’s when she boldly told him how she felt regarding his mistakes to her.

But amidst this anger, our Hae Young took care of him when he went home completely drunk. She even prepared breakfast for him the next day. It is too sweet for words! Do Kyung, you are going to miss out on something wonderful if you let go of this woman. Just saying.

You are you! I AM ME. – Hae Young

*standing ovation*. Our Hae Young deserves it. And the stupid boss can go down the drain.

We have to get to know Miss Ex-Oh, and we uncovered some layers here. IMO, she was annoying during that karaoke scene. Is she insensitive? If she is close to our Hae Young, how come she had the nerve to act that way? A true friend won’t embarrass a friend in front of strangers. What is her purpose? She made fun of our Hae Young – like a hot topic to gossip about. I detest. I wished that Noona Soo Kyung was at their table to shut Miss Ex-Oh’s mouth right then.

It only proved one thing to me. The girls only have the same name, nothing else. Miss Ex-Oh even failed in comparison to our Hae Young. And to be completely honest, the comparison should stop right here. Our Hae Young said it out loud already. Now I’m more curious to know Miss Ex-Oh beyond her facade. It is not too late. We have 10 more episodes for remorse.

Please one more. Just this once! – Hae Young

This running embrace is fast becoming a trademark. Hae Young sounded so desperate, I can’t help but laugh hearing her plead!

Do Kyung unwillingly played along with her. Looking at his intention closely, he doesn’t want to embarrass Hae Young in front of her colleagues. I don’t think he meant to hurt Miss Ex-Oh by showing off like that. He just wanted to help our Hae Young, period. Do Kyung is not the type of man who would randomly allow this. Hae Young is an exemption for him.

If somebody else did the same thing to me, would I like it the same way? No. I just liked him from the beginning. From the beginning – Hae Young

Oh my heart! That was a cute confession, and a heartfelt one too.

Hae Young is so transparent, Do Kyung must be stupid if he hasn’t seen right through her already. Anyhow, this only validates what I have been feeling from the start. That first night she went to drink with Do Kyung, there is something different with the way she looked at him already. It might be partially because of the liquid courage — alcohol, but she already knows what it means.

There is one good thing about liking your next-door neighbour. I want to come home early. – Hae Young

Aww. *virtual hugs*.

She is a contradiction – happy outside but lonely within. Hae Young is a strong and feisty woman. She can surely take care of herself. But she is human, she needs a companion! Knowing that Do Kyung is a door away from her, she felt that she is not alone.  She felt comfortable knowing Do Kyung is there with her. Nothing beats the comfort of your home. I think she knows where her home now.

I want her to heal fast and fly away. [But..] I’m afraid I might fall for her while doing that. – Do Kyung

Sweetheart, I think you have fallen for her already.

At first I thought maybe Do Kyung is not aware of his actions towards Hae Young because he is a sweet guy. Then again, I don’t think a guy would do those things for nothing. Besides, Do Kyung made it clear that he isn’t the type to do things randomly to any woman. That is all I needed to hear. I therefore conclude, Do Kyung opened his heart for our Hae Young already. He hasn’t fully acknowledge it, but at least he is aware of this. If I’m wrong, everything that happened doesn’t make sense.

I heard it’s your birthday. We have to drink and celebrate. – Do Kyung

Isn’t he just the perfect birthday present?? We have The Oh’s to thank for this. Hae Young’s parents are simply the best! Dad even scanned Do Kyung already. So cute. Dad seemed satisfied like Mum.

I love how Do Kyung made the celebration simple, yet it directly hits the right spots of my heart. He didn’t prepare much, but that doesn’t make it any less special. His gift is so him — a musical box! Though it led to a fight, it ended on a sweet note.

I smile even when I’m sad. Didn’t you know? – Miss Ex-Oh

Is that the look of a woman who is about to get married? A bride is supposed to be excited a day before the wedding. Now I understand why she didn’t arrive at the wedding hall. No matter the reason, it is obvious she is not happy. I know we are merely scratching the surface at this point. But this made me think why everything felt so wrong.

One day. One week. One month. One year. What difference does it make? For me, nothing. The damage has been done.

From the moment I saw him, I just.. revealed my insides to him. Something I couldn’t tell anyone. Strangely, I only tell everything to him. Once I revealed one thing, I wasn’t scared to reveal everything. – Hae Young

This is the special connection I already mentioned before. Right from the start, it seemed natural for Hae Young to stop and talk with Do Kyung. Since then, Do Kyung didn’t just lend his ears to listen to her. Of course he felt sorry at first, it’s his fault she is crying in pain. Do Kyung was self-loathing. But I saw something different. He gave her the best thing during those moments — his presence, his time. That made a difference to Hae Young who felt so alone.

Hae Young is a vocal person, but she chooses who to reveal her thoughts with. Her colleagues know about how she feels with Miss Ex-Oh and Noona; Hee Ran knows a bit more about her daily happenings like a journal. But there is only one who knows her heart, it is Do Kyung. That made him special to her already. Minus everything he has done to her, Hae Young is assured that she likes Do Kyung. Everything else that happened are cherry on top of the cake.

Come home and sleep. – Do Kyung

All it takes is a message from Do Kyung and our beautiful bird will come flying towards him already. She is so shameless! Haha.

Hae Young was really fast! She didn’t even wait for a minute! It was too obvious that she was eager to go home! But the sweetest thing about this is the fact that Do kyung was waiting for her to arrive. FTW!

That divided room has become their home. Sweet!

It was you (Mother Park) who separated Oh Hae Young from Do Kyung – Soo Kyung

To be honest, there is nothing that could validate a reason for leaving the man who truly loves you on the day of your wedding.

Since Miss Ex-Oh already agreed on marrying him, she is committed to tell him everything. This level of relationship deserves to know the truth, no matter what. Why can’t Miss Ex-Oh say the reason to Do Kyung directly? The fact that she was battered by her future mother-in-law is already obscene. This kind of situation shouldn’t be dealt alone. It is better to be single then, if you don’t want your partner involved in your affairs. Surely, Do Kyung could have done something about it if only he knew the truth. She decided on her own without consulting Do Kyung! Knowing this irritates me so. Miss Ex-Oh was badly hurt because she chose the wrong route. That is her consequence.

I have yet to listen to the recording. At this point even if Mother Park has her dirty hands on the matter, I hope Do Kyung won’t be with Miss Ex-Oh again. Seriously. How can you mend dishonesty and mistrust? That is fundamental to any relationship. Of course this is my POV right now. I’m not closing my doors. Anything can happen. But right now, I can’t think of any valid reason.

Gosh, I only have a door there. But I feel safe. I should be the one who blocks the entry here. Why did he do that? – Hae Young

Let’s see, because you are more dangerous! LOL. So far, Do Kyung is harmless.

Most of the time, Hae Young’s door is open. It is Do Kyung’s room (heart) that is blocked. That heavy furniture is more than just an obstruction, it is a burden! Do Kyung always have difficulty moving that cabinet every time he had to meet Hae Young. The furniture has served its purpose well. I wonder when will it be removed? That will be a day to remember!

Dear Lord and Buddha… if you still have some free time, there is this guy with nice eyes who decides to live a miserable life. Please stop by to see my neighbour. Please help him come back to himself. – Hae Young

That bathroom break! Song PDnim loves to use toilet humour and adds a charm to it! I will never forget how he twisted an embarrassing scene in Marriage Not Dating. Song PDnim makes sure that there is nothing to hide between his couple. Anyhow, what a sweet prayer from Hae Young! A prayer becomes more powerful when you sincerely pray for others.

All this time, Do Kyung has been recording everything inside his room. It’s a habit, so even if Hae Young moved in, he continued doing so. He listened to the recordings and learned more about Hae Young. Sound is really made useful in this drama! Thanks to this, I became keen on listening to every scene knowing it is significant.

I will move the furniture from the entrance. You can decide if you want to put a lock on this side. – Do Kyung

REVERSAL. Hello and welcome!!

Finally, no more blockage. It’s about time! Though I think, Hae Young must put a lock now.

Personal Thoughts:

I love Do Kyung and Hae Young’s current relationship status — even if it is far from being romantic.

They know when to speak and when to listen. They know how to respect when someone is mad. They know when to apologise. They know when to hold back in expressing how they feel. They just know! All this time that they have been each other’s confidante, it naturally developed into the kind of honesty and trust where relationships that are made to last is built from. Having said that, it makes me confident that they can handle the more complicated problems to come. As long as they communicate and trust each other. They can pull through it all!

This show is a perfect harmony, not only with the sounds but its overall ambiance. It has some off-key and flat notes, but in the end those imperfections make the music here more endearing.

See you next week!


  • Maram Albakri says:

    I grow more and more in love with their relationship. Thankss for the recap!!

  • Sara says:

    I’m in love with this drama. thank you i enjoyed reading your recap !

  • Maya says:

    I love your recap, it brings back flutters from watching the episodes, and makes me want to rewatch! :))

    Oh i love this drama so so much. It’s fresh, witty and peculiar but in a good way. I’m rooting for DK&HY to be together despite all the mess they’re about to get into in the coming episodes.

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