All About Song Joong Ki: More Marie Claire & Vogue Korea + New FAIRWHALE JEANS & Proya Ads (UPDATED)


I’m going to be stuck in my Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo obsession for a while. I have a bunch of other celebrity pictorials that I gathered and could put up, but I haven’t been … Only the Songs are motivating me to blog right now. Sorry. Hehehe.

Check out more of Song Joong Ki’s June spreads for Marie Claire Korea. He’ll also be in next month’s Vogue Korea! Meanwhile, Fairwhale Jeans also came out with new ads featuring Big Boss!


Marie Claire Korea

Go here and here for Song Joong Ki’s previously released Marie Claire spreads from the June issue.


Vogue Korea


Fairwhale Jeans





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  • Beez says:

    Thr shots in the dress clothes lying on the bed make me go “danggggg-GY, he’s fine!”

    But Goodange, in the stash you’re holding, if there are any of Sung Hoon (or Sung Swoon, as I call him), please release those. You can just consider that a public service. 😉

    Plus, is there some rule restricting how many you can send/post?

    • goodange says:

      Hey, Beez 🙂
      Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent stash of Sung Hoon pics. LOL. I’ll try to look some up this weekend, but I can’t make promises. LOL.
      haha, and no, there’s no rule about how much I can post. Otherwise, the other authors would have talked me down a long time ago. LOL.

  • SOSsy says:

    Hell ya! Keep ’em coming! I check in everyday just to see my Joongkie!

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