“Uncontrollably Fond” English-Subbed Teaser

While aware that Kim Woo Bin and Suzy would be doing a drama together, I must admit that I didn’t really pay attention to the chatter. Why? Because I’m not a fan of either. But when actors don’t draw me to a drama, plot does.

Uncontrollably Fond is the story of two childhood loves (of course it is!) who lose touch as children then reunite years later. The man, Shin Joon Young is now a top singer and actor while the woman, No Eul, is a documentary producer.

It’s funny because I also had a childhood love but today, I struggle to remember his name and doubt I’d recognize him if I ever saw him again. I guess it means it wasn’t true love, huh?

Huh? Is it going to be like Sweet November and it will turn out that he’s dying in three months or something? Truthfully, nothing in this teaser makes me want to watch it but we’ll see how bored I am when it premieres on July 6th on KBS2.

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