“Dear My Friends” Episode 5 Preview + Thoughts

The drama centers around a group of friends in the twilight of their lives. That’s the draw; that’s the meat. So is it wrong that I’m most interested in Yeon Ha and Wan’s romance? Like, I don’t care about this lawyer dude and whatever love triangle might be brewing – I just want more Yeon Ha!

Having said that, I do like the stories about the older women but wonder where they are going with this hit-and-run. It was so not what I expected going into the drama but there has to a be twist, right? The rest of the show can’t be about these women going to jail.

Nan Hee and Young Won need to make up already especially as the audience already knows of the latter’s cancer. I feel bad for her whenever Nan Hee curses at her because she’s sick and she’s not at fault for her friend’s husband’s infidelity, even if she’d informed the other woman of her absence.

Wan and the married dude. Girl, what are you doing? Based on the preview, I’m guessing that she feel’s responsible for Yeon Ha’s accident because it happened on his way to propose to her but that’s no excuse for dating a married ex! I can’t imagine her mother’s reaction when she finds out.

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  • leila108 says:

    OHEMGEE!! Jo In Sung looks sooo good!

  • Lin says:

    I’m really interested in Yeon Ha and Wan’s story too. I love the old ladies (selective -by her choice I’m starting to think- hearing grandma is my favorite) and I’m interested in seeing when Nam Hee and Young Won will make up, if Jeong Ae will leave her husband (I loath how he treats her like shit), and the love triangle to start between the virgin and the “I don’t know ha” grandmother, but Yeon Ha and Wan are what keeps me coming back. From the brief glimpses we have gotten of Yeon Ha, I’m already in love and omo her mother will just have learn how to deal with having a handicapped son-in-law and Wan better go back to him. I see her “relationship” with the married man (girl what are you doing indeed, her character is a big down grade for me because of this) as a rebound. Something bore out of longing, loneliness, and need for companionship but she is obviously not in love or like with him. Ep 4 showed me that Yeon Ha is where it’s at for her; I just don’t know why she refuses to go back….fear?

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